Study Software Engineering in Varna

Software engineers have endless career options in today’s tech-enabled world. If your dream is to become one of them – check out Varna University of Management! It offers a Bachelor Degree program in “Software Engineering” focusing on operating systems, programming languages, and advanced data structures. It is synchronized with the standards of IEEE – the world’s largest technical professional organization for the advancement of technology.

Combining industry experience, practical and theoretical learning, “Software Engineering” degree obtained in Varna University of Management will provide you with the skills needed to stand out in this rapidly developing industry.

The City

Varna is located on the Northern shore of the Black Sea. It is the third largest city and the maritime capital of Bulgaria. It is one of the most cosmopolitan and interesting cities on the Black Sea coast.

A combination of seaside resort, port city, and naval base, Varna is an appealing place to live and study. The city is thoroughly modern, yet packed with history.

Varna is a famous resort, visited by many tourists. The town is quiet in winter, but in summer it turns into a bustling city with large amounts of tourists and activities. So locals here are used to visitors and it is easy to mingle. Bulgarians are friendly and hospitable, and most of them speak English. There are many cultural events in Varna all year round.

The country and Varna, in particular, are safe and have low crime rates.

The University

Varna University of Management is an international business school. It offers Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees in English.

The students here come from 5 continents and from nearly 50 countries. They receive an excellent education in IT, Computer Sciences, Business and Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality Management and Gastronomy and Culinary Arts.

The University strives to achieve dynamic studies in a multicultural environment through promoting freedom of expression, difference, and creativity. It offers a number of opportunities for exchange with Universities from various points of the world and business schools in Europe.

The Program

The Bachelor program in Software Engineering at Varna University of Management is aiming to give the students a solid foundation in the field of computer sciences and help them start a job as a professional software engineer and developer. The lecturers, who have been pioneers in this part of Europe, provide in-depth knowledge of software development, specifications, design, tools, and methodologies.

Varna University of Management provides a good balance between practical and theoretical knowledge. It encourages students to put theory into practice in real-life situations in various partnering companies or in the training facilities of the University.

The Bachelors program “Software Systems and Technologies” cost 3900 EUR per year. The students with good results receive a scholarship of up to 1000 EUR per semester. They have the opportunity for paid internships and work in different companies.

The Degree in “Software Systems and Technology”, issued by Varna University of Management is in process of validation for issuing a double degree through the British academic partner of the University – Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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