Study in Varna

Deciding where to study is an important and difficult decision. You have to figure out many details, but one of the important things is to choose the right place to study and live in!

Big cities such as London, Paris, or Berlin might come first into your mind when you are thinking about a great place to study and live in Europe, but smaller cities do have advantages too.

Check out Varna! This beautiful Bulgarian city provides amazing opportunities to receive an excellent education in a diverse multicultural environment, at a low cost.

Varna University of Management is an international university located in Varna. Students from all around the world receive here a world-class education in different subjects, like Computer Sciences, IT, Business and Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Gastronomy and Culinary Arts. The University offers Bachelors, Masters and PHD degree level in English.

Along with the excellent education that you will receive here, there are also other advantages of studying in Varna and in Varna University of Management in particular.

  1. Easy to adjust

Varna is one of the famous resorts in Europe. People here are used to visitors from all around the globe and it is very easy to mingle. Bulgarians are hospitable people and most of them speak English and other languages. You will meet people from different nationalities, and most probably, you will be able to enjoy your local food since there are so many international restaurants around the city.

The students in Varna University of Management are from 5 continents and more than 50 countries!

2. Low living costs

You will be surprised how cheap living a Europe can be! Bulgaria has one of the lowest costs of living in the European Union. The costs here are significantly lower than the average for Europe. In addition, many special discounts are available for students.

The Bachelor’s programs in Varna University of Management cost 3900 EUR per year, Masters programs cost from 4950 EUR for 5850 EUR for the entire program. The students showing good results receive scholarships of up to 1000 EUR per semester.

The rents in Varna are not high, and if you prefer you can choose the University’s dormitories. The University assures a low-cost accommodation in its modern dormitories. They are cheap, clean, safe, and cozy.

So you can spend on traveling the money you save on taxes, accommodation and living in Varna.

3. So many things to do

When you want to indulge in a well-deserved rest you may choose from the amazing beaches (in summer) in Varna and the surrounding resorts, diverse cultural activities and the exciting nightlife of this amazing resort. If you’re fed up with the noise of the city, you can take the bus and visit the quieter areas outside the city and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the area.

If you would like to travel Varna is a great starting point. There are thousands of exciting destinations to explore from here. You can take advantage of the student discounts on traveling by train. Cheap flights to many amazing destinations depart from Varna International Airport.

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