Study in Europe in English

In case you are considering the idea of studying abroad you should definitely consider the European countries, no matter whether you’re from Europe yourself or not.

Each country in the “Old Continent” is quite unique and steeped in history. Regardless of the study destination you choose there is always something new and interesting to discover.

In Europe, you will uncover the secrets of an old culture. You will be able to visit some of the world’s most iconic and appealing attractions. And you will most probably learn a new language.

Europe is home to many of the top-ranked universities worldwide. Here you will receive a high-quality education in a multicultural and highly supportive academic environment. Universities in Europe are well known for their high academic standards, cutting-edge research and great value for money.

The number of international students is constantly increasing worldwide. For this reason, many of the European universities are offering various study programs in English.

The world-famous universities from Germany, United Kingdom, or France will probably come first into your mind when you are looking for a great place to study and live. But there are so much more exciting opportunities for world-class education in Europe!

One of these opportunities is Varna University of Management, located in Varna, Bulgaria.

The University is accredited by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and British Accreditation Council. It offers Bachelors and Masters double-degree programs, in cooperation with universities from UK, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Norway. Curricula and examination standards are aligned with those of the partnering institutions. The students graduate with degrees from both partnering universities.

Europe will provide you with many other advantages in addition to the high-quality education. Some of these advantages in common, and for Varna University of Management, in particular, are listed below:

  1. Career Advantage

Many of the top employers worldwide value and seek international study experience when recruiting. By studying in Europe, you will gain the knowledge, skills, and experience that employers need.

One of the important advantages of the Varna University of Management in this regard is the fact that many of the faculties here are still working in their fields. They share with their students not only theoretical knowledge but also fresh experiences and know-how.

  1. Multicultural Environment

Europe is a friendly and welcoming place. Many of Europe’s universities offer different social activities and support to help their students feel at home. People are hospitable and many Europeans speak English and other foreign languages. For this reason, thousands of students from all around the world come here to study each year.

About 30% of the students in Varna University of Management come from abroad. The students here are from 5 continents and nearly 50 different countries. In this multicultural environment, you will make new friends, expand your horizons, and understand different countries and cultures.

  1. Unique adventure

Studying in Europe is not just about theoretical knowledge. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to discover new places and new cultures. While studying in Europe, you will have the chance to see more countries than just one.

If you select Varna University of Management you should know that Varna is a great starting point for traveling around the country or abroad. You can travel by bus, hire a car, or take advantage of the student discounts and travel by train.

Cheap flights depart every day from Varna International Airport to many amazing destinations. Thanks to the low costs and relatively short travel times you will be able to visit many different countries on a limited budget and despite of the tight semester schedules.


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