Study in Bulgaria

Every year more than 1000 students decide to move to Bulgaria attracted by the country’s internationally recognized degrees, world-class higher education system, safe and friendly living environment, low living costs, and reasonable tuition fees.

If you are still wondering whether to apply to a Bulgarian university below are provided some arguments to help you make your decision:

  1. Great Higher Education

The universities in Bulgaria are constantly improving their services and attract students from all around the world.

Choosing a highly recognized university, with a proven excellence in a particular field is of crucial importance when deciding where to study. Many Bulgarian universities are among the best in their field in the region and even worldwide.

Varna University of Management won the 1st place by U-Multirank classification among 500 universities from all around the world in regards to graduating on time, quality of courses and teaching, international orientation of both Bachelors and Masters programs, opportunities to study abroad, and student internships. The University is sharing the 1st place with EDHEC Business School (France) among nearly 1500 universities worldwide in regards to research publications, spin-offs, foreign language programs, and student mobility. Students from all around the world receive in Varna University of Management a world-class education in IT, Computer Sciences, Business and Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Culinary Arts and Gastronomy. The University offers Bachelors, Masters and PHD degree level in English.

  1. Internationally Recognized Diploma

Bulgaria is a member of the European Union so all diplomas that are issued in the country are internationally recognized. In addition, many universities in the country are partnering with different internationally recognized universities from abroad and issue double degrees.

Varna University of Management has double-degree agreements with Cardiff Metropolitan University – United Kingdom. The students in Varna graduate with double degrees, recognized as a seal of world-class education all around the world. Varna University of Management and Cardiff Metropolitan University degree is highly respected by the employers worldwide.

  1. Low Expenses

Living in Bulgaria is cheaper than living in many other European countries. The costs of public transport, food, rent, social activities, clothing, etc. are lower than the average for the European Union. Prices for some items in Bulgaria are around half that of Western Europe. In addition, many special discounts are available for students.

The education here is also at more than a reasonable price – the Bachelors programs in Varna University of Management cost 3900 EUR per year, Masters programs – up to 5850 EUR for the entire program. The scholarships for students, showing good results are up to 1000 EUR per semester.

  1. Bulgaria Has it All

You want to go sunbathing in summer or skiing in winter? You prefer open landscapes or enjoy exploring the mountains? Well, Bulgaria has it all. The nature here is well preserved and Bulgaria’s biodiversity is one of the richest in Europe.

Varna University of Management is located in Varna – a world famous resort, known for its amazing sandy beaches, mild climate and warm sea waters in summer. The country is small and you can easily go to one of the amazing ski resorts in winter or enjoy the beauty of the mountains all year round.

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