Study Business in Europe in English

Twenty years ago studying business in English, in a non – English speaking European country, was a rare opportunity. Studying abroad was not as popular as it is now and only the adventurous dared to do it.

Now more and more students from all over the world are studying abroad. Employers of all sizes take advantage of this and are searching for truly international employees, who deeply understand the key markets around the globe. Such employees are preferred by the business because they have international experience and an increased understanding of different cultures.

More and more European universities are developing business study programs taught in English in order to attract students from all around the world. You can probably find English taught business education in every European country now.

Study business in Europe in English has its benefits and will definitely help you stand out. But among so many countries, cities and universities, it is very difficult to select the best for your needs.

An unexpected, but a really great destination to study business in Europe in English is Bulgaria. This small country is located at the Black Sea coast and is becoming an increasingly popular study destination in the recent years. The reasons for this are the high-quality education, low tuition fees, low living costs, low crime rates, amazing nature, friendly and hospitable people.

One of the best options to study business in Bulgaria in English is the Varna University of Management. The courses are taught entirely in English and the students receive a double degree – from the Varna University of Management and its UK partner Cardiff Metropolitan University.

The University offers Bachelors, Masters, and PhD degrees, which guarantee a wide array of practical skills, and advanced theoretical knowledge. The University is with highly international orientation, scientific achievements, and innovative curriculum. The environment here is incredibly multicultural – the students come from 5 continents and nearly 50 countries. The University is 1st according to the International Orientation Criterion among the business schools in Eastern and Central Europe according to U-Multirank.

At Varna University of Management, the lecturers respect opinions and welcome personalities. Students are encouraged to be creative and think outside the box. Here you can specialize in Management, Marketing, Business Administration, Finance, and Trade.

The students, undergoing business training in Varna University of Management, are qualified to work in areas such as International Business Planning, Strategic Management and Marketing, Brand Management, HR, Sales, Finance, etc. After the first and the second year of their studies, they are placed on a variety of internships in the fields of Strategic Development, Content Development, Retail, Communications, Marketing, HR, etc. This helps students to find the balance between practical and theoretical skills and knowledge. During the internships, the students can put the theoretical knowledge gained in the University into practice and test the skills they have developed in real-life situations. The internships help the students develop new skills and grow further, enrich their contacts and connections with people.


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