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Student Welfare and Service Center

Home away from home

The Student Welfare and Service Center assists all non-academic issues of all students of the Varna University of Management. It provides social support to all students throughout their studies at VUM. Our doors are always open and we are happy to provide support, advice and guidance to students. We encourage any student who finds themselves in any difficulty or stress or feels particularly pressured to seek help at an early stage. It’s usually helpful to try not to let things drag on or get out of hand. The Center for Student Welfare and Services works together on the physical and mental health and well-being of students, with all staff from the academic and administrative departments. Common reasons for seeking help include: low motivation, poor concentration, feelings of anxiety, conflict, insecurity or isolation, personal emotional challenges, cultural problems, and more.


Services provided by the student welfare and service center


Assistance with medical / dental problems, opening a bank account, language barriers, obtaining a VISA for an internship and other services.


Advises on identifying and understanding students’ personal and academic difficulties to help them with additional training or information.


Advice to students, to contact a department if it needs additional information about something specific and to mediate, if necessary, between the institutions / department and the student.


Provides support and mentors students for their social needs and personal issues through face-to-face meetings.

Contact information

  • Varna Campus – office 101; 1st floor
  • Open from 09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday
  • Alina Pronoza
  • Coordinator of the “Center for Student Welfare and Services”
  • Phone: +359 882 785 345