The first edition of the “Food Innovation Exhibition” culinary event was held at Varna University of Management. Unique culinary products and developments were presented by the students in the “Gastronomy and Culinary Arts” and “Hospitality and Culinary Arts” Programmes. As a part of their “Innovations and Creativity in the Culinary Arts” module, the Culinary Arts Institute’s  students had the task to invent and present an innovative and creative culinary recipies that have never been used before.

The event was opened by Prof. Stanislav Ivanov, Vice Rector for Research at VUM, and the young chefs were evaluated by a lecturers’ team including Chef Hugues Boutin, Assoc. Prof. Maya Ivanova, Assist. Prof. Irina Petkova and Clive Horscroft. Students demonstrated their innovative culinary products to F&B industry representatives and professionals from the tourism and hospitality industry, as well.

All attendees had the opportunity to taste unique culinary temptations such as Salty French Macarons with Bulgarian spices, traditional Vietnamese soup “Pho”, Rabbit on fire, Bean cake, Lamb-flavored sweets, Pork lollipops, Thyme ice-cream with rosemary crumble, Bonbons with vegetable fillings from beetroot, sweet potato with carrots or chili and more, and to have a sip of fresh pine needles cocktail.

The organisation of the event itself was an exam for students in another VUM Programme, namely International Hospitality Management, as part of their “Conferences, exhibitions and corporate events” module. Thus, they had the chance to put into practice the lessons learned and to plan, organize and manage a real event – an experience that is of great benefit to the young professionals completing their education prepared for the real work environment.

Gallery from the event can be found here.

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