Baba Marta Workshop

VUM_MartenitsaDay      Varna University of Management celebrated the unique Bulgarian tradition Baba Marta Day in an interesting and attractive way.  Martenitsa Day workshop was held at the university on 29 February. Bulgarian and foreign students from 15 different countries created together beautiful martenitsi for the people they love.

Students from Lebanon, Georgia, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Jordan, Pakistan took part in the event. Most of the foreign students were not familiar with the old Bulgarian tradition, but they all were all eager to learn more about it and participate in the event. The Moldovan students also took an active part in the workshop, since the Baba Marta tradition is typical for their country.

The martenitsa workshop continued throughout the whole day. Today, all VUM students welcomed Baba Marta together, gave each other Bulgarian martenitsi and wished colorful spring.

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