Varna University of Management is hosting its first Programming Competition organised by one of its main partners – Taxback International. This is part of an initiative to promote technology and development in Varna. Our aim is to identify, recognise and support great developers with great talent.

The duration of the competition is 4 hours. It is recommended that all participants bring their personal laptops with configured development environments.

➡Who can apply: Any Varna student with knowledge in C# or PHP

➡Where: The contest will take place at the Varna University of Management, 13A Oborishte Street, Varna 9000

➡When: 14.05.2016, 10.00 am

➡How to apply: Complete the short online form at

➡Deadline for applying: Submit your online application form by 11.05.2016

For more information you can contact us at 052 68 67 00

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