Student Welfare

The Student Welfare and Service Center assists all non-academic issues of all students of the Varna University of Management. It provides social support to all students throughout their studies at VUM. Our doors are always open and we are happy to provide support, advice and guidance to students. We encourage any student who finds themselves in any difficulty or stress or feels particularly pressured to seek help at an early stage. It's usually helpful to try not to let things drag on or get out of hand. The Center for Student Welfare and Services works together on the physical and mental health and well-being of students, with all staff from the academic and administrative departments. Common reasons for seeking help include: low motivation, poor concentration, feelings of anxiety, conflict, insecurity or isolation, personal emotional challenges, cultural problems, and more.

Services provided by the student welfare and service center

Visit the office

VUM does really care about its students. The students are always welcome in office 410d to have a chat.

Varna Campus
13A Oborishte Street, Varna, 9000, Bulgaria
Office: 410D
Tel: +359 885 309 060
Business hours: from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday – Friday

If you need immediate assistance, call 112. The call is free of charge. The operator will ask you which emergency service you need (Fire Brigade, Police Officer, and/or Ambulance Services).
For non-emergency medical situations, we recommend contacting Dr. Mariela Mihaylova to inquire about her availability to assist you. Dr. Mihaylova can be reached at her work phone number, 052 386241. Her office hours are from 08:30h until 13:00h every day of the week. Her practice is located on the 2nd floor, room 4 of the Military Hospital Varna, which can be found at the following address:

If you have health insurance, we advise you to request an invoice from Dr. Mihaylova so that you can receive reimbursement from your insurance company after your visit.

If you are in a need of a dentist, we recommend contacting Dr. Boeva on +359 877 88 68 16 to book your appointment. Her working hours are from 9:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday. The location is str. "Neofit Bozveli" 46A

Varna offers an efficient public transport system, including buses and trolleys, which make
commuting within the city convenient and affordable for students. They operate from 05:00 to
23:00. Use the following link to check the schedule of the public transport in Varna:

You can purchase tickets on board and you should keep your ticket during transportation as there
could be a ticket check at random, and you could get fined. Please consider getting a prepaid card for
cheaper and more convenient travel. The cards can be purchased from the bus stop on “Bacho Kiro”
1. The once-issued card (plastic) can be reloaded multiple times on the ticket machines on some of
the bus stops or on the bus/trolley.
VUM also provides transportation services for its students to and from the airport.
Taxis are available, but it is advisable to use reputable taxi companies or ride-hailing apps to ensure
fair pricing. We recommend Triumph” Taxi – +359 879 644 444

Getting Around Bulgaria
The cheapest way to travel around the country is by train. However, you should arm yourself with
patience as sometimes there are significant delays. Use the following link to check the schedule:
There is also quite extensive bus network across the country. The buses are fairly good value and for
the most part punctual. Use the following link to check the schedule:

Nevertheless, it always pays to check the schedule at the station as not once there have been cases
of discrepancy.


Students of the Varna University of Management can use the facilities of the Municipal Sports and Entertainment Complex “Mladost” (Mladost, next to bl.126) and / or the Municipal Sports Complex “Sea Garden”. The football fields are used free of charge from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00 and against payment in the hours from 18:00 to 23:00, as well as on Saturdays and Sundays. The payment is in the amount of BGN 30 per hour, and the pitches are used after a preliminary reservation on the website of the Municipal Enterprise “Sport”.


Students of the Varna University of Management can use the facilities of the Municipal Sports and Entertainment Complex “Mladost” (Mladost, next to block 126) and / or the Municipal Sports Complex “Sea Garden”. The volleyball courts are used free of charge every day from 08:00 to 23:00.


Students of the Varna University of Management can use the facilities of the Municipal Sports and Entertainment Complex “Mladost” (Mladost, next to block 126). The basketball court is used free of charge every day from 08:00 to 23:00.


Students of the Varna University of Management can use the tennis courts of the Municipal Sports Complex “Sea Garden” for a fee every day from 8:00 to 23:00. The fee is 15 BGN / hour (without a coach), and reservations are made on the website of the Municipal Enterprise “Sport”.


Students of the Varna University of Management can use at preferential prices swimming pools (outdoor and indoor) in the Swimming Complex “Primorski” against display of a document certifying their student status, under the following conditions *: – One-time visit to the pool – 2 BGN / 45 min. – Subscription card for 20 visits within one month – BGN 30.00 / 45 min. * To use the facilities, students must wear a hat, slippers and a towel.Swimming complex “Primorski” also offers the following services: 1. Aqua aerobics – one-time visit – BGN 3.00 / 45 min. – subscription card for 10 visits – BGN 20.00. 2. Sauna – BGN 6.00 / 60 min. 3. Hydromassage (jacuzzi) – BGN 6.00 / 30 minutes. 4. Steam bath – BGN 6.00 / 60 min. 5. Sauna + steam bath – BGN 10.00 / 60 min. 6. Aerobics BGN 5.00 / 60 min. 7. Fitness – once until 16.00 – BGN 2.00 / 60 min. – once after 16.00 hours – BGN 4.00 / 60 min. – subscription 10 visits until 16.00 / for 1 month / – 18.00 BGN / 60 min. – subscription 20 visits until 16.00 / for 1 month / – BGN 34.00 / 60 min. – subscription 10 visits after 16.00 hours / for 1 month / – BGN 30.00 / 60 minutes – subscription 20 visits after 16.00 hours / for 1 month / – BGN 50.00 / 60 min. – preparation of an individual training program – BGN 25.00 / 60 min. – preparation of an individual diet – BGN 20.00. – personal training with a fitness instructor – + BGN 6 per visit 8. Yoga – one-time visit – BGN 5.00 / 90 min. – subscription 12 visits – BGN 40.00 / 90 min.

Ice rink at the municipal sports and entertainment complex "Mladost"

– one-time visit – BGN 4/60 min. – subscription card for 10 visits – BGN 25.The above fee does not include skate rental (3 BGN / 60 min.) And wardrobe rental (1 BGN / 60 min.)

Squash Hall at the Municipal Sports and Entertainment Complex "Mladost"

– use of 1 playground before 17:00 – BGN 15/50 min. – use of 1 playground after 17:00 and on weekends and holidays – BGN 20/50 min. – card for 10 visits (regardless of the time) – BGN 150. – rental of a rocket – BGN 4/50 min. – use of 1 table tennis table – 5 BGN / 50 minutes (the price includes the use of sticks and a ball).

During your leisure time, you can explore Varna's historical sites, museums, art galleries, and
theaters. The city hosts cultural events, concerts, and exhibitions, offering a blend of modern and
traditional arts and entertainment.

- Alley of Sport Glory in Varna - The Alley of Sport Glory is a scenic walking path located on
Stanchov alley, offering a fantastic view of the beach and the sea. It stretches for 1100
meters and is 5 meters wide. Along the path, you'll find ten plates inscribed with the names
of athletes from Varna who have participated in various Olympic games. The alley features
benches and fitness equipment that locals can use for free, making it a popular spot for
exercise and relaxation.
- Cathedral "The Assumption of Holy Mother" - The cathedral, located in the city center on "St.
Cyril and St. Methodius" square, is a significant symbol of Varna. It is an impressive
architectural masterpiece and an essential religious landmark in the city. The cathedral's
grandeur and spiritual significance attract both locals and tourists, making it a must-visit site
during your time in Varna.

- Varna Museum of Archaeology - The Varna Museum of Archaeology is one of Bulgaria's most
extensive museums, with an exhibition area of 2150 square meters. The museum showcases
historical artifacts from the prehistoric, Thracian, Ancient Greek, and Ancient Roman periods
of the region's history. A particular highlight is the Gold of Varna, the world's oldest gold
treasure dating back to 4600-4200 BCE.
- National Maritime Museum - The National Maritime Museum in Varna showcases the
maritime history of Bulgaria, emphasizing the sea capital's significance. The museum displays
original ancient anchors, ship head decorations, uniforms, and other items related to naval
and commercial fleets. It provides an exciting insight into the maritime heritage and history
of the region.
- Opera House Varna - Varna Opera House is a cultural gem in the city, staging over 200
productions and entertaining millions of spectators. The diverse repertoire includes classic
operas, ballet performances, and contemporary works, making it a hub for performing arts
- Festa Dolphinarium - Festa Dolphinarium is a unique attraction in Bulgaria, situated in the
greenery of the Seaside Garden. It offers breathtaking dolphin shows and provides an
educational experience about these fascinating marine mammals. The Dolphinarium has
been a symbol of Varna and a significant landmark for tourists visiting the Black Sea coast.

You can buy food from all of the big stores such as
-  Billa
- Lidl
- Kaufland

Also, there are a lot of small shops in the neighbourhoods where you can buy fresh fruits and
vegetables. You can get bedding and kitchen utensils from department stores and some of the larger
supermarkets mentioned above or feel free to visit Jusk, Jumbo, Mömax for a bigger variety.
If you want to go clothes shopping there are three malls in Varna:
- Grand Mall
- Delta Planet Mall
- Varna Mall

The other option is to stroll around the cite center and you will find a variety of small local clothing

Varna is a haven for foodies, offering a wide range of restaurants, cafes, and bars catering to diverse
tastes and budgets. You can find traditional Bulgarian cuisine, seafood delicacies, international
dishes, and vegetarian/vegan options. The city's culinary scene is an excellent way to explore
Bulgarian flavors and indulge in various gastronomic experiences. Bulgarian cuisine is delicious and
diverse, featuring quality vegetables, dairy products, and mild spices. Pork and chicken are common
meats, but fish, veal, and lamb dishes are also popular. Bulgarian cuisine has its unique regional
flavors that set it apart from neighboring countries.
The city's nightlife is also lively, with many clubs and bars offering entertainment and socializing

Restaurant recommendations
• The Martini Food & Cocktails
• Restaurant Staria Chinar
• Burrata Italiana
• Curry & Wok Vege Joy
• Happy
• Nemo

Brunch places
• 43.12
• #Hashtag
• Cherry by Mary
• Marche
• Bacaro

Popular Bars
• Cubo

• Kultura
• Memento
• Sinatra

Also, note that it is expected to leave a tip of 10% from the bill in restaurants, bars or pubs.