It is a fact that sport is useful not only for the body but also for the brain. Physical exercises help not only to maintain a slim figure, but also to improve cognitive functions and stimulate brain activity.

Swimming, for example, improves blood circulation, which is essential for supplying oxygen to the brain. Tennis develops our responses and coordination, as well as good analytical thinking, and basketball improves concentration, teaches us to work in a team, think fast and make the right decisions within just a few seconds.

All abovementioned proves the usefulness of physical activity not only during the exam sessions but also in everyday life. The students of the Varna University of Management have the privilege of studying and living in a city offering a variety of sports opportunities. It is no accident that Varna is titled European City of Sports in 2019. The city receives this recognition because of its rich sports calendar and activities for the popularization of mass and children’s sports.

This year’s sports calendar includes over 200 events, including more than 50 international sports competitions.

More information on sporting opportunities can be found here.

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