Traditional cuisine of countries from 4 continents was presented at VUM

The winners are from Armenia, Mexico and Georgia

VUM students from 12 countries presented their traditional cuisine. The students from Portugal, Turkey, Russia, Mexico, Armenia, Argentina, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia, France prepared delicious dishes in the kitchens of Restaurant Albena at VUM, using their parents and grandparents’ recipes.

After voting, the winners were selected:

  • 1st place for Armenia with their vegetable rolls and dolmas
  • 2nd place for Mexico with grandma’s recipe for Guacamole by Manuel Agescua
  • 3rd place for Georgia with Khachapuri.

A runner up contestant for the first places was also the Brazilian vegetarian Pastel.

The twelve teams competed in teams of 2-5 persons. This event is organized thanks to the Erasmus+ students and is done specifically for their friends and fellow students who come from more than 50 different countries. It was held on Friday, November 17th and was free of charge for all those interested in cooking.


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