Software Engineering Degrees

As more and more of our industries are going digital and requiring software for their workflow and products, the demand for software professionals continues to rise worldwide.

And while the software engineering provides a plenty of work and pays well, there are plenty of well-educated professionals. About 80% of the software engineering professionals have at least a Bachelor’s degree. So for long-term career stability in this field, you need a degree in software engineering!

There is an enormous variety of universities worldwide offering different degrees and programs, related to software engineering and it can be very arduous to sift the best ones.

And while studying in the world famous universities in the big megalopolises can cause you a fortune, you can still receive a low-cost, high-quality education in an internationally recognized university with proven excellence in a smaller country and in a smaller city. Check out Bulgaria and the beautiful resort Varna, located at the Black Sea coast!

Varna University of Management, Bulgaria, in cooperation with Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom offers to the students from all over the world the opportunity to graduate with two Bachelor degrees – from the Bulgarian and from the UK partner. The program is 6 semesters and is taught completely in English in Varna, Bulgaria.

The tuition fees in Bulgaria are much cheaper than in other European countries. The Bachelor’s program “Software Systems and Technologies” at Varna University of Management costs 1950 EUR per semester. For the best students, there are a number of scholarship opportunities, of up to 1000 EUR / semester. Students can also use the accommodation in the modern dormitories of the University, which is guaranteed for each student at a reasonable price.

The University is internationally recognized and ranks high in prestigious rankings of universities in the region.

One of the most prestigious comparisons of the training quality of nearly 1,600 universities around the world is U-Multirank. According to this ranking, Varna University of Management is the best worldwide in student mobility among German, British, and French universities. This indicates the great opportunities for training students from abroad – very high mobility and percentage of foreign students in the institution. About 30% of the students here are from other countries.

The University has ranked at first place also for the quality of the courses and teaching, international orientation, internships, etc.

Many of the faculty in Varna University of Management are still working in their fields. They share up to date know-how and experiences. The students of the university show incredibly good results in terms of employment. More than 60% of the first year students work in the IT sector after finishing the first semester at Varna University of Management. In the second year, the number of students, working in the IT increases and reaches 90%. After the graduation, the percentage is even higher.

The positions of the first year students are typically Junior Developers – Java, C#, PHP, QA, Junior PM, etc. In the second year the students work as Full Stack Developers, Content Developers, Project Managers, Software Engineers, etc.

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