Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria, as well as the 15th biggest city in the European Union with a population of 1,267,098 people (officially registered).

It is the major administrative, industrial, transport, cultural and educational centre of the country. Sofia is a lively and vibrant city. However, its visitors may be pleasantly surprised by the cozy atmosphere, untypical for a megalopolis. Sofia is surrounded by three magnificent mountains – Vitosha, Lyulin and Stara Planina. They are among the most preferred places to visit while being in the city. Few capital cities in the world can be proud of natural parks that are so beautiful, so close and easily accessible.

With its seven thousand-year history, the city is one of the oldest human settlements in Europe, and its numerous historical and architectural monuments harbor the wise messages of centennial cultural experience. The very name of the city, Sofia, has preserved for the generations one of the most beautiful cultural symbol of Christianity – “the divine wisdom”. The city is the successor of the ancient Roman fortress of Serdica that early in the 2nd century AD grew into a regional centre in the Roman Empire and at the end of the 3rd century AD became the capital of the newly established province of Inner Dacia (Dacia Mediterranea ).

Since ancient times, the town and its surroundings have been famous for the abundance of hot and cold mineral springs. In Sofia, it is impossible to get bored. The numerous antiques in the city are nicely combined with a number of modern concert halls, opera, major national museums, art galleries, theatres, clubs, discos, and underground jazz locales offering exciting experiences for all tastes and preferences.

Arena Armeets Sofia Hall is equipped with 12 373 seats. It is hosting large number of events including concerts of world known singers, musicians, theatre productions, sports competitions and tournaments, festivals, circus spectacles and other mass events for the lovers of various types of planned public and social occasions.

Sofia is an excellent place for culinary and wine-tasting tourism. Sofia also provides excellent conditions for sport – several stadiums and well-equipped gyms, outdoor tennis courts, golf courses and facilities for horseback riding, spa pools, etc. And only twenty minutes from downtown, in the great Vitosha Nature Park one can even ski at night!



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