Ship’s cook

IUC Vocational training center – Dobrich is the only at the moment in the country that has been approved to conduct courses for ship’s cook by order № 3-324/07.10.2013 of the Executive Director of the „Maritime Administration“ according to the accepted national standard for conducting trainings for „Ship’s cook.“ The course is with duration of between 484 hours and 191 hours depending on the type of the cook qualification obtained prior and they are intense within about 3 months. The training is held in the modern facilities of VUM in Dobrich.

The training is conducted in English or Bulgarian language, which will enable foreign students from Romania, Ukraine, Turkey, Greece and other countries to take part as well. According to the International Maritime Labour Convention and the Order № 118/2013, „Maritime Administration“ – “ ship chef “ can be occupied only by a properly qualified person holding a certificate of professional competence issued by the Executive Agency „Maritime Administration“. Trainings to obtain a certificate of professional competence shall be conducted only by approved from the Maritime Administration institutions, such as IUC Vocational training center. For course participants from other places outside the region, an accommodation in a modern college dormitory will be provided.

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