School of media and arts​

✔️ To offer qualification courses in the field of media and visual arts, as well as to encourage the creative, cultural and artistic events of the students of VUM and other users of the offered trainings;

✔️ To support the holding of cultural events and events organized by VUM and assigned by external organizations;

✔️ To expand the qualification and to provide specialized knowledge and skills to the students of VUM and others. learners, as an element of the interdisciplinary approach adopted in the strategy, mission and vision of VUM;

✔️ To give recommendations for raising the media image of the higher school and to prepare staff in the field of media and visual arts.

Activities and students

The activities provided by UMVI are: providing training for acquiring a professional qualification or specialization in the field of visual arts and media; assistance in organizing events of media or cultural nature; periodically organizing competitions, contests, festivals, etc. events for presenting the production of the students, etc.

The students, enrolled for raising the qualification in UMVI, are trained in APPO at VUM according to specialized curricula, without acquiring higher education at a certain educational-qualification degree.

In the presence of the required minimum number of individual candidates for forming a group (according to the study documentation of the course / training).

At the request of the contracting authority (employer, trade union or non-governmental organization or social partner). In these cases the assignor concludes a contract with VUM for the conditions of the conducted training and the fees due for it.

In case of assigned course / training as a result of won competitive training procedure.

As part of the activity on Bulgarian and international projects and programs.

Trainings in UMVI are organized:

The organizational forms of the trainings offered by UMVI are in accordance with the normative requirements. They can be: qualification course, training course, seminar, workshop, club, debate, presentation, etc., according to the requirements of the law and the respective assignor of the training / financing program.

The trainings can be organized in day, evening, Saturday-Sunday, part-time, independent, seminar, correspondent or distance form of training, which is determined individually for each course / training depending on its specifics (according to the applicant’s wishes).

The number of participants in the training groups is determined depending on the specifics of the course / training, agreed and approved by the assignor of the training, and in accordance with the normatively defined limits.

The duration of each training is determined by its training documentation and agreed with the applicant.

UMVI conducts trainings all year round depending on the training needs.

UMVI issues the relevant documents certifying the completed training in accordance with the form of the completed course.

👉 In case the training is for expanding the professional qualification through training in separate disciplines in the field of visual arts and media, provided in the curriculum of a specific profession and specialty by SPPO, upon successful completion a certificate for professional training is issued;

👉 In case the training is assigned as a course for acquisition of key competencies (eg digital competence, public and civic competences, etc. with an emphasis on knowledge and skills inherent in the visual arts and media) – upon successful completion the trainees receive a certificate for acquired key competencies;

👉 Certificate for completed training course, certificate for participation in a seminar / workshop, diploma for participation in a competition / competition, etc.

Requirements for candidates

The requirements to the candidates for each specific training are determined by the Director of UMVI in accordance with the normative base, the regulations for its structure and activity, the requirements of the applicant of the training, respectively of the financing / donor program within which the training is carried out. The requirements for students are met by several indicators:

Requirements for the age limit for admission of candidates for training (if applicable in connection with the requirements of a specific contracting authority, funding program, or requirements of the relevant legislation);

Requirements to the entry educational level of the candidates (if applicable in connection with the requirements of a specific contracting authority, funding program, or requirements of the relevant legislation);

Requirements to the health condition of the candidates (at the discretion of the organizers of the training or the respective normative base);

Other requirements of the contracting authority or funding program (eg social status – working people, unemployed people, people with disabilities, etc.)