in Varna

As the University is situated in one of the biggest cities in Bulgaria, the location gives the possibility to the students to practice a wide variety of sports. Most popular and attractive sports in city of Varna are tennis, football, beach volleyball, basketball, swimming, paragliding, ice skating, martial arts, body building, aerobics, kangoo jumping, yoga, cycling etc.

in Dobrich

The facilities give the opportunity to every active student to practice his favorite sport! From table tennis, pool (billiard), golf, volleyball, badminton, to aerobics and martial arts. We aim to get everyone involved in becoming a more active campus and hope that you can find the right balance to enable you to participate in the recommended 30 minutes of physical activity every week!

Football Team “Inter”

If you are keen on team sports and would like to join a fancy multinational team then we highly recommend you to get in touch with University’s Football Team “Inter”. The team is also part from the Inter Football Academy. All students participating in the team also receive some additional values and benefits throughout their studies at Varna University of Management.