Dobrich Schedule


The Official Opening Ceremony for the Academic Year is set for September 26th, 2017!

This is the official page containing valuable information for all students studying at VUM Dobrich Campus. Please, follow up on the text highlighted in BLUE, as this will be the obligatory part for all of you.

If you have any questions regarding study schedule, dates and rooms, please do not hesitate to get in touch with VUM Academic Office, based in room 11, VUM Dobrich Campus.


Summer Semester Schedule

Summer Semester Schedule 2017-2018

Winter semester schedule

Winter semester schedule

Things to follow up

Things to follow up

  • Deadline for paying semester fees for the new academic year 2016/2017 – 10th SEPTEMBER 2016
  • All full-time students (EU citizens) should submit a declaration of HEALTH CARE INSURANCE at VUM Academic Office Room № 11.
  • Check the re-sit dates full-time students for first and second year for September 2016


  • 19th SEPTEMBER 2016 – Diploma projects defense – the defense will be held on in Varna campus/due date for submitting the diploma projects – 22nd august 2016г.
  • 20th SEPTEMBER 2016 – 9.00 – State exam in English (for all programs). The state exam will be held on in Varna campus


  • 1st DECEMBER 2016 – Diploma projects defense – the defenses will be held on in Varna campus/due date for submitting the diploma projects – 07th November 2016г.
  • 2nd DECEMBER 2016 – 09.00 – Final state exam in English (for all programmes). The state exam will be held on in Varna campus. The Final State Exam in English Language Proficiency consists of four parts: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Each part is worth 25% of the overall mark. The exam tests students’ language skills at an upper-intermediate level and the ability to use English language with confidence in a business environment. The exam compares to the Cambridge Business English Certificate Vantage, IELTS 6.5, Cambridge FCE and to Council of Europe Level B2. A detailed instructions document has been sent to the students’ e-mails.
    You may find the instructions for the exam HERE.

VUM Varna Address: str. Oborishte 13A, tel. 052300680 and email:

NB: Before attending the state exam and/or diploma project defense, all students should first submit a statement.