Support and facility departments at Varna University of Management

The following section gives you an idea of some of the welfare services and departments available to you at the University.


  • Head Office Varna
    Stoyan Dimitrov, Office 305, Head Office Varna, 13A Oborishte Street, Varna, 9000

Tel: +359 889 723 212


Open from 09:00 – 17:00, Monday – Friday

  • DobrichCampus
    Ivelin Naydenov, VUM Dormitory Manager, 5A Bacho Kiro Street. Dobrich 9300

Tel: +359 882 488 805


Open from 09:00 – 17:00, Monday – Friday


Admissions Office:

Varna University of Management – Varna and Dobrich Campus

13A Oborishte Street, Varna, 9000, Bulgaria, Office: 101 or

3, Bulgaria Street, Dobrich, 9300, Bulgaria, Office: 33

Tel: +359 885 398 663, +359 885 398 630


Open from 09:00 – 17:00, Monday – Friday


Career Centre

The Career Centre of Varna University of Management was founded in 2006 Academic Year. Since then, we have been preparing undergraduates, graduates, and alumni to make informed decisions about their future by providing resources, programmes, and counselling on career development, internships, employment, and continuing education. Varna University of Management offers students a different style and type of learning. It strives to establish a good balance between theoretical and practical skills. It encourages students to put theory into practice by demonstrating the skills they have developed in real-life situations – either in VUM’s training facilities or in various companies VUM has business relationships with.

Contacts: Petya Petrova – Head of VUM Career Centre, Follow on Facebook

Dobrich Campus, 3, Bulgaria Street, Dobrich, 9300, Bulgaria

3 Bulgaria Str., Dobrich, Office:  39

T: +359 58 655 639; Fax: +359 58 605760



Cultural and Social Events

Annually Bulgarian and foreign students from Varna University of Management organized different types of workshops in respect to the different cultural traditions and customs. With this initiative, the students want to show and tell about customs and tradition in each country by creating unique typical and local products. The theme of the workshops may vary through the year, depending on the will and action of the students.


Department for Modern Education

The capabilities and experience in the development of managerial competence in business by Varna University of Management are giving grounds for a number of initiatives in support of the educational institutions and their managers and teachers against the outlined field of problems. Similar supportive role is undertaken by the Department for Modern Education.

The department for Modern Education organizes Master Classes aiming to achieve better coordination between management and education in the following areas:

  • training course for postgraduate professional qualification “teacher” for graduates and students enrolled in programmes in Economics
  • qualification courses for teachers and school principals in the field of managerial competence in the educational institutions and the classroom
  • foreign language courses and methodology of teaching subjects in a foreign language

Youth Entrepreneurship Camp for high school students in cooperation with teachers, students and academics.


International Cooperation Department

Home Away From Home

The International Cooperation department addresses and helps with all non-academic issues of mainly international students. Our doors are always open and we are always happy to provide support, advice and guidance to students.

The International Cooperation Department is also the place where students can learn about the Erasmus+ Programme and apply for studies or an internship in a university of their choice that VUM has signed an agreement with. The Erasmus+ Programme provides the invaluable opportunity to students all over the world to obtain theoretical and practical knowledge abroad. Experience like this helps students broaden their horizons and gives them the opportunity to explore different countries and cultures.

  • Head Office Varna: 13A Oborishte Street, Varna, 9000, Bulgaria, Office: 415

Tel: +359 887 751 516


Open from 09:00 – 17:00, Monday – Friday

  • Dobrich Campus: 3, Bulgaria Street, Dobrich, 9300, Bulgaria, Office: 34

Tel: +359 886 744 433


Open from 09:00 – 17:00, Monday –  Friday


Sports and fitness:

Two offices:

  • Head Office Varna University of Management, 13A Oborishte, 9000 Varna
    As the University is situated in one of the biggest cities in Bulgaria, the location gives the possibility to the students to practice a wide variety of sports. Most popular and attractive sports in city of Varna are tennis, football, beach volleyball, basketball, swimming, paragliding, ice skating, martial arts, body building, aerobics, kangoo jumping, yoga, cycling etc.
  • Dobrich Campus, 3 Bulgaria Street, 9300 Dobrich
    The facilities give the opportunity to every active student to practice his favourite sport! From table tennis, pool (billiard), golf, volleyball, badminton, to aerobics and martial arts. We aim to get everyone involved in becoming a more active campus and hope that you can find the right balance to enable you to participate in the recommended 3×30 minutes of physical activity every week!

Football Team: 

If you are keen on team sports and would like to join a fancy multinational team then we highly recommend you to get in touch with University’s Football Team “Inter”. The team is also part from the Inter Football Academy. All students participating in the team also receive some additional values and benefits throughout their studies at Varna University of Management.

Training: Classes with young talents are held three times a week.

Admission: The Academy accepts football talents born before 2005.

Participation in leagues and tournaments: After the initial selection, the participants in the academy will be able to participate in international and local football tournaments. 2015 has been selected as a year for participation in championships.

Contact Person: Radoslav Boyanov

Telephone: 00359/ 58 655 620; 0885 398 663; 0882 37 00 28


Students’ Union:

The students’ Union is an organisation dedicated to the social, educational and welfare needs of students. It is part from the National Representative of Student Councils in Bulgaria. The Students’ Union represents students at all level of the University and actively aims to improve student life. As a student you have the chance to become a member of the Students’ Union of the NRSC (National Representative of Student Councils in Bulgaria) by sending your application to the Student’s Council email. In order to become a member of the students’ Union you should always follow up on the Union Rules and Regulations. By joining the students’ union you are allowed to participate in all activities run by the Union.


Student Affairs Department

The Student Affairs Office is a central point for information and advice for all students. The office provides help with a huge range of issues, including examinations, certificates, transcripts and sources of funding, fee payments, registration, etc. If you need any advice on any of the practical matters of the University life or just do not know where to go for further information, you should contact the Student Affairs Office.

Two offices:

  • In Varna Main Campus: Office 401 of Varna University of Management on 13A, Oborishte Str. Varna, Bulgaria – Open from 09:00 – 17:00, Monday – FridayTel: +359 52 300 680E-mail:
  • In Dobrich Campus: Office 11 in Dobrich Campus of Varna University of Management on 3 Bulgaria Str. 9300 Dobrich, Bulgaria -Open from 09:00 – 17:00, Monday – FridayTel: +359 58 655 611E-mail:


Student Welfare Service

The Student Welfare Service provides a practical service designed to meet the needs of all students, including prospective students.  We take active steps to maintain a supportive environment in which students from different backgrounds may flourish. Students may sometimes find themselves in difficult situations. If this happens, we encourage any student who finds herself or himself in some sort of difficulty or distress, or feeling under particular pressure, to ask for help at an early stage. It is usually helpful to try not to let things drag on or to get out of control. And it’s particularly important that a student asks for help if a problem is likely to affect his or her academic work. Common reasons for seeking help include: low motivation, poor concentration, feelings of anxiety, conflict, uncertainty or isolation, and low mood.

Student Clubs and Societies

We would like to provoke students’ creativity and their organisational skills by creating clubs of interests. Each club has a president who is elected from the students and takes the responsibility for the organization.