Do you want to enrich and develop your business knowledge and skills? Do you want to be placed in a perfect academic environment that will let you share and test new ideas with co-students from all over the world? Do you want to obtain extra ECTS while having fun on the vibrant Bulgarian Black Sea coast?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you are only one step away from your dream!

Apply now and you could even get a scholarship!

VUM is proud to welcome YOU to its European Summer University!

5 reasons why we are your best choice


European Summer University at VUM is surely your best option! Here we have picked out the top five reasons why ESU at VUM should be your top choice!

1. Varna University of Management ranks 1st according to the Students Mobility Criterion worldwide by U-Multirank. (You can find more information about national and international ranking of VUM here.)

2. VUM campuses have great locations – our campus is located in the heart of Eastern Bulgaria, only 30km from the Black Sea coast, and very close to numerous tourist attractions, such as ancient historical monuments, old royal residences, botanical and zoological parks, and beach resorts. Moreover considering the size of Bulgaria, students will have easy access to the major Bulgarian landmarks.

3. The lecturers at ESU at VUM have been carefully chosen. They all have rich academic and non-academic business experience. Our students meet professors from three continents who enrich their professional and cultural development. Our lecturers have been recognized in Bulgaria and abroad for their achievements. Some of the books they have co-authored are studied even in Harvard University. The numerous publications they have in written and web formats guarantee the level of their academic backgrounds.

4. Students at VUM from over 40 different countries. Our international student body will further enrich your cultural experience. During the Summer University you will meet people from Italy, China, India, Vietnam, Hungary, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia. And this is just to mention a few! After ESU at VUM you will be easily calling yourself a Citizen of the world!

5. Compared to other European countries, Bulgaria has probably the most reasonable living costs. Our accommodation cost per night is €7-€9 per bed and the cost of an average meal is around €3. Additionally leisure expenditures, such as traveling and entertainment are considered to be quite affordable and most of our students take advantage of that (find more here).

Why VUM?

Signing up for European Summer University at VUM (ESU at VUM) you are about to engage in the greatest intellectual adventure you could possibly imagine. You will find that VUM is a university of the 21st century, with diverse student body and students from over 40 countries, Varna University of Management ranks 1st according to the Students Mobility Criterion worldwide by U-Multirank. (You can find more information about national and international ranking of VUM here.)
VUM has rich experience in welcoming students for different Summer programmes. Last year we received students from diverse countries, including China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia. The lectures, all focused on different aspects of business and management, were taught by some of the head academics of VUM, as well as by some guest lecturers.
While the academic part of the study is our point of focus, we at VUM do not forget to add the fun part of the student life. The student experience is enriched by different events, parties and get-togethers. Here we welcome people from all continents, thus you will be able to make lifelong friendships all around the world. All of this is topped with numerous opportunities for touristic trips within Bulgaria and the neighboring countries. Last Summer the students had the opportunity to make tours around Bulgaria and to visit landmarks in Varna, Burgas, Sofia, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, Balchik, and they recorded their impressions in a specifically created blog.
You can see pictures and videos from our previous Summer programs.

ECTS: Depending on the period of study the student will receive up to 30 ECTS credits. VUM uses the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) which allows the student to transfer the attained credits to his/her current study program.

Where We Are?

LOCATION: Bulgaria, Dobrich (30 km from the Black Sea Coast)

Dobrich is one of the ten largest cities in Bulgaria. Its proximity to the Black Sea makes it a preferred place for many students. Furthermore, Dobrich is the home of eight national and international festivals. VUM is located at the heart of the town, this means that our students are one step away from the art, history, fun and entertainment spots in Dobrich.
The beach is only 30km away. VUM is close to the largest Black Sea bay formed between Cape Kaliakra and Cape Galata. The Black Sea resorts of Albena, Golden Sands and St. St. Constantine and Elena, the tourist settlements of Riviera, Sunny Day and Russalka, and the tourist towns of Balchik and Kavarna are all located in the area.


Varna – the third largest city in Bulgaria is only 50 km away. It is known as Bulgaria’s Black Sea capital, and was selected to be the European Youth Capital for 2017. Varna is located right on the beach and there is always something happening. In addition to its vibrant Summer life, being the European Youth Capital 2017 will make Varna an even more attractive place for young people. And if you are a history lover, we would just like to mention that Varna Archaeological Museum is the home of the Oldest Gold in the world, dating from 6000 years ago, yes 6000 years ago!
Among the tourist attractions in the region are also the Royal Palace in Balchik (a former residence of Queen Maria of Romania), Balchik Botanical Garden (featuring a remarkable collection of plant species from all over the world), Aladza Monastery and and Kaliakra Nature and Archaeological Reserve.


Bulgaria is full of interesting places to explore ranging from beautiful mountains, lakes and forests to amazing sites of historical battles! Last year the students had the chance to join organized excursions to Euxinograd Royal Palace, nearby golf resorts, a botanical garden and many others. But if you are even more adventurous you can rent a car and go for unforgettable journeys to the places you chose! Here you may see some photo reports of such trips organized by our ESU students in 2016!


HOUSING: Newly built dormitory – fully furnished rooms and apartments with large panoramic balconies. All rooms (2 beds per room) feature free Wi-Fi connection, a bathroom and an equipped kitchen. Accommodation fee: €7-9 per person per day (shared room).
WHERE TO EAT: VUM has an on campus cafeteria, which offers a variety of fresh and healthy food, cooked on place. Here the students will find everything from the salad to the dessert. The cafeteria is located in the main academic building and the average cost for a menu is from €3.
In addition, the students can enjoy the different food options of the city of Dobrich. VUM is located at the center of town, thus students have access to many other food and entertainment options. Find more here

Who Are The Lecturers?

Here are the profiles of the head academics at European Summer University at VUM:

Prof. Vesselin Blagoev
PhD in Marketing
Prof. Blagoev has an extensive career as professional manager which gave him the chance to learn and develop in leadership and management which he teaches at the university. Prof. Blagoev is Chairman of the Board of Superbrands Bulgaria; Vice Rector of VUM and Director of VUM, Sofia; President and Editor-in-Chief of Businessweek Bulgaria; Chairman of the Bulgarian Marketing Association; Member of the American Marketing Association, since 1987; CEEMAN – Member of the Board since 2003; Member of the National Council, National Association for International Relations (NAMO), Bulgaria, since 2000; Corresponding Member of the International Informatization Academy, Moscow – since 1994. He served as Chief Secretary of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria (1994), Chief Executive Director of the Bulgarian Privatization Agency (1995-1997), Chief Executive Director of Credit Bank PLC (1997-1998), and Editor-in-Chief of BusinessWeek Bulgaria (2006-2008).
Prof. Blagoev has been a consultant for over 100 Bulgarian and foreign companies, including Philips Components, Nina Ricci, Intel, SPARKY and DSL. He is the author of 7 books, including one published in Russia, and has co-authored a book published in the UK. He has authored or co-authored over 50 articles and reports published in Bulgaria or abroad.

Prof. Michael Minkov
PhD in Social Anthropology
Michael Minkov is a Bulgarian researcher whose studies and publications are in the fields of Ancient Languages, Anthropology, and Management Science. Prof. Minkov is co-author of Cultures and Organisations (international bestseller) together with Geert Hofstede and co-author of Cross-Cultural Analysis: The Science and Art of Comparing the World’s Modern Societies and Cultures. Prof. Minkov has a number of articles in journals published in Scopus. Minkov has taught seminars at the University of Portsmouth (UK), Erasmus University, Maastricht University, and Stenden University (Netherlands), Bilgi University and Koc University (Turkey), Aarhus University (Denmark), and IBS Moscow (Russia).
Minkov has also written two monographs on culture, with contributions by Hofstede, as well as a number of academic articles in journals, book chapters, and encyclopedia entries. In addition to his academic work, Minkov works as a freelance teacher and consultant in the area of cross-cultural awareness. His clients include AIMS Human Capital, Air Liquide, Avon, Alpha SOT, Heineken, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Italcementi, Lukoil, Mondi International, Nestle, NetInfo, Shared Services (Coca Cola Hellenic), SDI Group (an Italian consultancy in Tunisia), and Schneider Electric.

Prof. Stanislav Ivanov
PhD in Tourism Economics
Prof. Ivanov Is Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Tourism Research and serves in the Editorial Boards of 30 journals in the fields of tourism, marketing and economics. He is also Member of the Scientists’ Union in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Marketing Association and the International Association of Experts on Tourism (AIEST). His research interests include Destination Marketing, Tourism and Economic Growth, Political issues in Tourism, Special Interest Tourism. Prof. Ivanov’s publications have appeared in different academic journals – Annals of Tourism Research, Tourism Management, Tourism Economics, Journal of Heritage Tourism, Tourism Today, Tourism, Tourism and Hospitality Research, Journal of Economic Studies, Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans, South-Eastern Europe, Journal of Economics.

Dr. Violina Ratcheva
PhD in Strategic Management
Violina Ratcheva joined Varna University of Management(VUM) in 2013. She teaches at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in areas such as Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, International Business Management and General Management. She holds a Master Degree in Business Studies from Loughborough University and a PhD Degree in Strategic Management from the University of Sheffield (UK). Prior to this appointment, Violina Ratcheva worked for over 15 years in the UK as Research Fellow in European Business (Nottingham Trent University), Research Consultant (BDO Stoy Hayward), Lecturer in Entrepreneurship (The University of Nottingham), Lecturer in Strategic Management (The University of Sheffield) and Research Consultant at BDO Stoy Hayward (UK). Assoc. Prof. Ratcheva’s research and consultancy interests include knowledge elicitation and transfer practices in distributed organizational settings, developing knowledge management strategies in the creative industries with specific focus on the UK Film Industry and new forms of organizations. Assoc. Prof. Ratcheva has over 30 academic publications.

What Are The Courses?

DURATION: From 19 June to 27 August. The modules are split into 4 periods – each of them offering 2 business modules. The student can choose the period of training. The minimum period of education is 4 weeks or two modules.

19 June – 16 July – Strategic Management & Operations Management – ECTS 8 – €690
03 July – 30 July – Operations Management & Marketing Management and Marketing Communications – ECTS 8 – €690
17 July – 13 August – Marketing Management and Marketing Communications & Project Management – ECTS 8 – €690
31 July – 31 August – Project Management & Managing People and Organisations across Cultures – ECTS 8 – €690

Classes in Russian language are available upon request

Click here to view the Semester Schedule

How to Apply?

In order to apply for European Summer University at VUM you have to follow these steps:
1. Fill in the Application form
2. Scan your International passport (ID if you are a European Union citizen)
3. Provide evidence of student status (Minimum one of: Academic Transcript/Recommendation letter from faculty staff member/Print Screen from internal university system)
4. Send all above mentioned documents to

You could also apply using this link


For NON-EU citizens – minimum 45 days prior to the preferred starting date

For EU citizens and those who can travel to Bulgaria visa-free for 90 days – minimum 15 days prior to the preferred starting date

Explore Summer University 2016

VUM has rich experience in welcoming students for different Summer programmes. For the Summer University 2016 we received students from countries, such as Italy, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia. They had a great time studying and making friends here.

One of the best parts of their stay at VUM was the opportunity to make tours around Bulgaria and to visit landmarks in Varna, Burgas, Sofia, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, Balchik, which they recorded in a specifically created blog.
You can see pictures and videos from our previous Summer programs.

Download the European Summer University at VUM brochure