A Robotics, AI, and Business Conference will be hosted online and feature speakers from 5 countries.

The largest service robotics manufacturer in Europe Promobot is hosting an online conference Promobot Talks, which takes place online on September 17th, on Promobot’s YouTube channel. Leading experts in robotics, entrepreneurs, and professors from the United States, Portugal, Bulgaria, and many others will share their experience in robotics and technologies over the course of 5 lectures.

Participants include:

— Andrei Nosov ― Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics from Tampere University, Finland

— Diego R. Faria ― Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Coimbra

— Ilya Chekh ― Founder and CEO at Motorica, LLC ― bioelectric prostheses manufacturer

— Stanislav Ivanov ― Ph.D. in Tourism Economics, Professor and Vice-Rector (Research) in Varna University of Management, Bulgaria

— Craig Webster ― Ph.D. in Political Science from Binghamton University, MBA from Intercollege, Cyprus; Associate Professor in Ball State University, USA


Alex Yuzhakov ― Ph.D. in Engineering Science, Chairman of Promobot Corp.

The event is entirely free, signups required to access the broadcast. To sign up, follow this link.

The event will be streamed on Promobot’s YouTube channel with simultaneous interpreting available for selected speakers.

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