Stanislav Ivanov Paris Conference 1The Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and Research of VUM, Prof. Stanislav Ivanov participated in the REMAPS Revenue Management and Pricing in Services conference on 17-18 December 2015 in Paris. During the event Prof. Ivanov presented the report “Investigation of the Revenue Management Practices of Accommodation Establishments in Turkey: An Exploratory Study”. The report is written together with the student Ayas, Çağakan, who graduated in July 2015 with a degree in “Hotel Management” and whom Prof. Ivanov was supervisor of the thesis.

Revenue management is a management activity aimed at optimizing the cost and pricing of businesses (hotels, restaurants, airlines, car rental, etc.). The conference was attended by well-known scientists – practitioners, teachers, mathematicians, economists from the US, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Bulgaria. The event was an amazing exchange of ideas that will stimulate the representatives of VUM to conduct new research and write new publications.

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