Varna University of Management is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy as a visitor to our website at https://www.vum.bg/

Privacy notice on this webpage explains how Varna University of Management (“VUM”, “We”‘)  collects and uses your personal data and your rights related to the personal data that we collect or hold. This policy concers the data of past, present and future students of Varna University of Management.


How do we collect personal data?

Varna University of Management may collect personal data in number of different ways, for example:
  • the information that you provide us when you contact us before joining our university;
  • through the application forms that you fill on our university page, https://vum.bg/;
  • when you communicate with us by telephone, email or via our website, for example in order to make enquiries or raise concerns;
  • when you contact us via the means of telephone, electronic mail to request any information;
  • when you interact with our offices, for example admissions office, students affairs office, career office, student welfare office etc.;
  • when you contact us from third party marketing services, such as Facebook;


Types of personal data we collect

Varna University of Management may collect the following types of personal data about you;


  • your name, your contact information (physical address, electronic mail address, telephone number), your date of birth, your identification or identity card number, your passport number, your nationality, your country of residence, your nationality. Varna University of Management also allocates you a unique student number once you are a student of VUM, and keep record of that student number as well;
  • information related to your employment and education background, such as other schools you have studies this far, the courses you have completed and exam results. We also keep the record related to evaluation of your exam results and previous diplomas, grades and other related educational background records;
  • information about your family background, mainly to evaluate possible scholarship opportunities;
  • we also collect what is called “sensitive personal data” under GDPR regulations, such as: information related to your health conditions (your previous illness, disability etc.); criminal convictions – namely “criminal record” which is required by national authorities from each student, both domestic and international; information about your race, ethnicity, origin and religion;



How do we use your personal data?

We use personal data for these purposes;

  • recruitment and admissions;
  • academic matters, such as provision of core teaching, learning and teaching services;
  • to be able to keep student records;
  • evaluating your eligibility for scholarships and financial support;
  • to be able to provide library, IT, information, career guidance and student welfare services;
  • to make sure student safety and security;
  • to be able to deal with complaints;
  • to be able to perform disciplinary actions;
  • to be able to publish graduation and degree information, diplomas, booklets and certificates;

How do we process your personal data?

We process personal data when it is necessary with the following basis and purposes;

  • to contact you before you are enrolled to provide you more information with our university and degree programs. Once you show interest to our university, through phone calls, online contact forms or emails, your basic contact information is added to our local CRM system and stay there for our admissions officers to handle the admission process. Once you are enrolled to our school, your personal data and the documents that you share with us during the admissions process (such as digital copies of previous achievements, diplomas, passport, letter of interest) are kept in the CRM system unless there is a request to be deleted from the student. In case of a verbal or written request from student to no longer keep or process personal data, VUM guarantees that the personal data of the student will be deleted from our records in 72 hours.
  • once you enrolled to our university, to provide you with the security, safety, career guidance and student welfare services that are set in our Student Booklet.
  • to monitor and and evaluate the performance of both the university and student
  • in order to assist Bulgarian Ministry of Education to be able to publish their annual Bulgarian University rankings, with different fields such as employability, graduation rates, retention rates and etc.
  • in case of medical emergencies, security threats and other emergency situations.


How do we share your personal data?

We share your personal data with other parties when it is necessary with the following basis and purposes:

  • Varna University of Management does not share your personal data unless it is absolutely necessary. However, to be able to keep providing the services that we provide to our students, we may share your personal data with certain 3rd parties. The parties that we share your personal data and the purposes of doing is like this;
  • Varna University of Management employees – to be able to provide you with the academic, personal support, health. student welfare, career guidance and well-being services;
  • third-parties that work with our university to provide services, such as accommodation services;
  • official authorities, such as Bulgarian Ministry of Education, Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bulgarian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Bulgarian Ministry of Justice, Bulgarian Consulates and Bulgarian Embassies abroad; when it is necessary;
  • hospitals and Bulgarian Ministry of Health bodies;
  • crime prevention or detection agencies (e.g. the police forces of the Republic of Bulgaria)
  • Student can opt-out anytime from these data sharing process with 3rd parties;
  • Varna University of Management never shares your personal data to make financial gains, such as selling your personal data to 3rd party big data, data processing or data mining companies;
  • potential education and exchange providers, such as academic partners or Erasmus+ program partners of Varna University of Management, to facilitate the student exchange programs and academic partnerships;


How long do we keep your personal data?

Varna University of Management do not have a time-frame that we keep your personal data in our records, physical records or digital records. The purpose of doing so is mainly archive purposes and to be able to provide student with information or re-issuing of diplomas, academic transcripts or other achievements when it is requested.


Your Rights

You have the following rights concerning your personal data;

  • to obtain access to the personal data that we hold about you
  • to require us to correct the personal data that we have about you if it is incorrect;
  • to require that that we stop collecting and processing your personal data
  • to require us to not to send you any marketing materials
  • to require us to delete your personal data
  • to require us to restrict our data processing activities to certain data types

If you have given your consent and you wish to withdraw it, please contact our Data Protection Officer using the contact details set out below. Please note that where our processing of your personal data relies on your consent and where you then withdraw that consent, we may not be able to provide all or some aspects of our services to you and/or it may affect the provision of those services.

If you wish to perform any of these actions and/or learn more about personal data matters, please contact us by email at admissions@vum.bg or by telephone at +359 885 39 86 63 or by post: Varna University of Management 13 A Oborishte Str. 9000 Varna Bulgaria.

To request access to your data that we hold or process about you, you may contact us by email at admissions@vum.bg or by telephone at +359 885 39 86 63 or by post: Varna University of Management 13 A Oborishte Str. 9000 Varna Bulgaria.

You can find out more about your rights under data protection legislation from the European Commission website available at; https://ec.europa.eu/info/law/law-topic/data-protection_en



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