International VUM students, from 3 continents, congratulate local people on the celebration day of Varna city ! Each year, on the date 15 August, Varna celebrates its official holiday! Therefore Varna University of Management (VUM) greets you, on behalf of students, academic and non-academic staff, with the feast of Varna.

15.08.2016 Especially for today – students from Romania, Uzbekistan, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey, Italy, Belarus, Vietnam made video greetings to their native languages as a special gesture to the locals. Click here to watch the video clip.

We hope that you will enjoy it.

Students come from over 10 different countries and study in Bulgaria during the summer months of the year. They are part from VUM Summer semester. They study different business modules in VUM campuses in Varna and Dobrich. At the end of the summer they will receive academic evaluations and ECTS credits. The training will enable them to upgrade their current knowledge and achieve better results in their own universities.

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