Piloting the toolkits, elaborated under the NTG goals

In the next two weeks Varna University of Management will organize a piloting of several Tourism Skills Toolkits, elaborated under the Next Tourism Generation /NTG/ consortium initiative, in which VUM is the representative partner from Bulgaria.

The Tourism Skills Toolkit, includes practically oriented series of training for industry and education providers. Each training piece offers innovative, flexible and relevant Learning and Training Methods covering the core green, social and digital skills, which would be necessary for the tourism employees in the next decade. The Tourism Skills Toolkit is unique in its approach and user friendly from the employer and University Perspective. The framework of modules offers progression both vertically (on hierarchical level) and horizontally (on department level) across all five tourism sub-sectors (Accommodation, F&B, Travel agencies, Visitor attractions and DMOs). Moreover, the framework ensures parity across the 8 countries-participants from the EU, recognised within the regulatory requirements of each system.

Some of the skills, included in the Tourism Skills Toolkit:

  • Digital/Technological = sharing, interacting and collaborating through digital technologies, problem solving, use of technology via artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual and augmented reality applications
  • Green = Resource management to recycle and manage waste, water and energy services including principles of circular economy in the design and management of tourism value chains, sustainable design and management techniques of hotels and sustainable tour packages.
  • Social = Behavioural and practical attitudinal competences in interpersonal communication, accessible tourism knowledge, gender equality, cross-cultural understanding and customer service

As an ultimate deliverable of the NTG consortium efforts will be established a Skills Lab, where all tourism skills toolkits will be provided, together with information about a wide spectrum of tourism jobs, competences, skills, location of training provision, career and progression routes and methods of learning.


On 18th Feb at VUM will start the first piloting of the toolkit, exploring digital skills for the Use of Virtual and Augmented Reality in Tourism and Hospitality Industries. Next week on 25th of Feb another digital skill toolkit piloting will take place, this time on the Use of Robots and Artificial Intelligence in Tourism and Hospitality Industries. Both toolkits testing will be delivered within the unique module Technologies in travel and tourism industries, which runs already for the second year in VUM's Bachelor's programme International Hospitality Management.

Stay tuned for the next session of Tourism Skills toolkits piloting! We plan to deliver them in open lectures!

More information about the NTG Consortium at www.nexttourismgeneration.eu

The Next Tourism Generation Consortium (NTG) is the first European partnership for building and improving a collaborative relationship between education and industry with regard to skills development in the fields of digital, green, and social skills. NTG is aims to create transformative cooperation for skills and careers between education and industry in five key tourism sub-sectors: hospitality, food and beverage operations, travel agencies and tour operators, visitor attractions and destination management. The NTG Alliance will provide employees, employers, entrepreneurs, teachers, trainers and students with a set of core modules in above skills, necessary for the tourism employees in the next 10 years.

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