PhD Programme in the field of Tourism

Varna University of Management (VUM) launched a PhD Programme in the field of Tourism. The approved accreditation cycle of the programme is from 04.08.2022 to 04.08.2026.
Doctoral students can study in three forms – full-time, part-time and independent form of study in accordance with the Law on the Development of the Academic Staff of the Republic of Bulgaria. The term of the doctorate is 3 years for full-time and independent form of study, and 4 years for part-time form of study.

For EU and EEA citizens: 2400 EUR/year
For citizens of non-EU and EEA countries: 4800 EUR/year
Dissertation defense fee: 1500 EUR

For questions about the application: Prof. Dr. Stanislav Ivanov (Vice Rector for Research),