A summer academic exchange programme brought to Varna University of Management 50 MBA students from Gujarat Technological University, India. What a great experience it was for us to host them this year!

During their studies and practical activities, the Indian students had the opportunity to visit some of the largest companies in Northeastern Bulgaria, to get acquainted with the management of the organizations, the planning and the markets they are working on. They also had the chance to travel around Bulgaria and neighboring Romania and to study some of the history and traditions of both countries.

The industrial visit started with Savimex – Dobrich, a leading company in the food industry. The students were introduced to the new production line and product variety and how various technical concepts are put into action. Part of their scheduled industry visits were also the Institute of wheat and sunflower in General Toshevo, Beloslav glass factory, Beloslav Museum of glass and the the biggest Bulgarian fertilizers factory – Agropolichim Devnya.

Although the students were far away from home they didn’t miss to mark the International Yoga day, considered as an important day in India. The students take the initiative organizing the biggest yoga demonstration in Bulgaria. The event was held at the lobby of VUM Dobrich Campus and it was open for everyone. A demonstration of outdoor yoga exercises by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi wаs broadcasted on a TV monitor in the lobby. There was also an Indian student, who was demonstrating the proper performance of the exercises for all who came to practice yoga and to feel the culture of India.

The end of the summer academic exchange programme was noted with graduation ceremony, where all students from India received their certificates of successful completion awarded by the Rector of Varna University of Management – Assoc. Dr. Todor Radev and Dr. Sarika Srivastava from the Technical University of Gujara. The students didn’t miss the chance to make this event also spectacular by demonstrating traditional Indian dances, dressed in traditional costumes.

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