MBA Programs in Eastern Europe

Some Eastern European business schools have emerged as appealing options for international MBA students, looking for a quality education at a good value.

Many of the Eastern European business schools, offering MBAs, have started to offer the programs entirely in English in order to attract students from all over the world.

The international students pay significantly less for an MBA in Eastern Europe than in Britain, Western Europe, or the United States. In Bulgaria, for example, one of the country’s most sought-after business schools – Varna University of Management – offers MBA program with a tuition fee of less than 6000 EUR per the entire program (3 semesters).

The good MBA programs in Eastern Europe match those in Western Europe in terms of quality. However, they manage to keep the quality of the education high, while remaining with much lower tuition fees for the students. Another important thing for the students, seeking quality education on a low-cost is the fact that in Eastern Europe the living costs are substantially lower, compared to Western Europe or the United States.

But the low cost isn’t the only thing that is attracting more and more international MBA students to Eastern Europe. They are coming there attracted by the international atmosphere, the opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge, to make new friends from many different parts of the world and to learn about a specific business environment. The international students get valuable insights in the Eastern European universities. This helps set them apart from others back home.

Worldwide the recruitment of students for MBA programs is targeting international students, working professionals, and undergraduate students. This also applies for the Eastern European MBA programs. The program of Varna University of Management is set in a way to be convenient for the working professionals and to be easily combined with their duties at work.

European MBAs often come with the opportunities to learn another language. In Varna University of Management, the students may attend free Bulgarian lessons if they are interested in learning the language. But this is optional, the entire MBA program in this University is thought in English.

In Varna University of Management study young people from 50 different countries. So here you can study international business in a really international environment. Classes are small and encourage personal connections and cross-cultural dialogue. The multicultural environment provides plenty of different perspectives on the same exact problem and enriches the students’ knowledge in a unique way.

MBA programs in Eastern Europe universities provide a high employability rate for their graduates in a large number of local and global companies. This education is extremely valued in companies keen to engage with partners from Eastern Europe.

Varna University of Management prepares its MBA graduates for the highly competitive labor market. The university maintains excellent partnerships with a number of business-related employers and places its students in different institutions, NGOs, agencies, and other organizations in Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Latvia, Portugal, Lithuania, etc.


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