Master’s Degree Programmes

To grow big, you should be able to think big, to see the big picture. A Master’s degree is the stepping stone for a manager to become a chief executive. VUM has an excellent reputation in teaching postgraduate courses. However, we offer you more than that.

Our academics’ in-depth research activity has given the grounds to innovations and discoveries like no other university in this part of Europe has done before. The results from this research activity stream directly into our postgraduate courses, making our master’s students the pioneers in getting to know about all findings – unique career competitive advantage.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

 There are many benefits of completing a Master of Business Administration Degree, MBA in Europe and the most significant one is the great career opportunities in today’s corporate world.

According to a 2013 survey by the Graduate Management Admission Council, Ninety-two percent (92%) of 2012 class alumni were employed at graduation, which is the highest employment rate reported in this survey for any graduating class since 2003. Nearly 7 in 10 had secured a job before leaving graduate business school. Overall, 85 percent of alumni attribute the advancement in their careers to their graduate business education.

Not only do MBA graduates have better employment options, they also earn more money than people who haven’t been awarded the degree. And VUM offers you a great opportunity to study in Europe in English and get your degree.

Master’s Degree in International Hospitality and Tourism Management (MSc)

With an MSc in International Hospitality and Tourism Management from VUM you opt for a visa free passport to any hospitality business in every part of the world.

You will earn it through intensive training and high-quality education. As an International Hospitality and Tourism Management (IHTM) student you will study hotel management is a synchronised curriculum with Cardiff Metropolitan University and have to meet the same high standards in examinations. To master your career, you must be an outstanding professional and to become outstanding, you must be ahead of the competition.

How? Through research and innovation. At VUM we create science and share it with you!