On 23rd September VUM has hosted an interesting event – a library where the readers rent not a printed book, but a living human.

The living library methodology (invented in Denmark and developed by the Council of Europe) is widely used to present different stories and points of view.

The objectives of the event were two:

  • to provide the university students with inspiration at the beginning of the academic year.
  • To present to them different ways how we see, identify and measure success in different areas of our lives.

The speakers of the event presented their stories:

  • Success in the family wellbeing
  • Success in terms of changing a career or professional path
  • Travelling the world – is this success?
  • The challenges of being “a successful professional”

During the event, the “readers” and the “books” got very meaningful conversations and felt enriched by each other. It was a great reminder for all “Not to judge the book by its cover”

This activity is an initiative of the Student Council at Varna University of Management, supported by Varna Municipality.

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