A Joint Company Mentorship Training for Sustainability Innovations in Hospitality organized by Varma University of Management (VUM) will take place on 16-18 October 2018 in VUM premises on 13A, Oborishte Str. and “Aqua” Hotel, Varna.

The event aims to present a tool for development of joint mentorship programmes, applicable in hospitality sector leading to increased companies’ sustainability. The training is focused on sustainable development innovations in hospitality, restaurant and culinary businesses and tourist services.

The programme includes field trips to leading businesses in the region established sustainable practices in hospitality, such as “ECO–TELUS” snail farm and “ESCARGO” snail restaurant, BlackSeaRama Golf & Villas – Balchik, Health Food Restaurant “Angel’s” – Varna, “Bodega” Restaurant – Varna, Black Sheep Brewery – Varna, etc.

Invited are tourism SMEs representatives from Bulgaria, Albania, Greece and FYROM. One can express their will to take part in the training by downloading and filling in the attached an Application and Confirmation Form.

The event is organized within the framework of Project “Entrepreneurial Learning Exchange Initiative for Sustainable Hospitality SMEs in the Balkan-Mediterranean Region” (Subsidy Contract No. BMP1/1.3/2616/2017).


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