Joint Company Mentorship Training for Sustainability Innovations in Hospitality

Today is the last day of the three-days Joint Company Mentorship Training for Sustainability Innovations in Hospitality organized by Varna University of Management (VUM).

The training programme presented the innovations, mentorship and sectoral cooperation as key tools for achievement of sustainable development in the field of hospitality, the main challenges and aspects of their implementation, as well as the human factor as an integral part of the whole process.

Presentations included technological innovations transferring the hotel and restaurant business into the new millennium for better business management and customer services in the digital era, like interactive software, “smart” machines for different services, digital connection with the personnel, conference tourism, etc.

Active discussion raised the cluster structures as hospitable environment for joint mentoring between different organizations. The presentation was focused on the advantages of the rural and culinary tourism based in the specific regional natural conditions, food and beverages, cultural sites and active vacation.

The training was finalized with distribution of participation certificates to the more than 50 representatives of the hospitality and tourism sector from the four partnering countries – Bulgaria, Albania, Greece and FYROM.

During the event were established contacts between the participants that formed an informal network of partnering organizations, companies and educational bodies. It will become a ground for the concept of the Partnership Agreement for establishment of HELIX Network for joint cooperation, exchange of experience, knowledge and innovations for sustainable development of the hospitality sector in Balkan-Mediterranean region.

The training takes place within the framework of Project HELIX: Entrepreneurial Learning Exchange Initiative for Sustainable Hospitality SMES in the Balkan-Mediterranean Region financed by Interreg V-B Balkan-Mediterranean 2014-2020.

More information and the event programme are available on the internet site of the project: