The event gathered professionals from companies with big IT departments and firms for software developing in Varna (Taxback International, JFD Brokers, Ltd., Dentaprime). On the other hand the event was visited by teachers in informatics from the High School of Mathematics – Varna, the Vocational High School of Electrical Engineering – Varna, the Vocational High School of Economics – Varna, as well as a group of students from the Technical University in Varna.

Among the topics covered in the programme were .NET Core 2.0, DevOps, Self-learning neural networks without a supervisor, Blockchain Technology and others. One of the most interesting presentations, that acquired the highest appraisals was the demonstration of programming through artificial intelligence, using algorithms by Georgi Marinov, a student in Software engineering at Varna University of Management. Some of the participants demonstrated also innovations in software design, and others how all machines (devices) in households and industries will be connected through internet.

The goal of the event is in the form of a competition for the best presentation where students and lecturers present and demonstrate their own software projects. The Codeit Fest 2017 was open to everyone interested in innovations, technologies and programming. The organizers were the students in Software Systems and technologies programme at Varna University of Management (VUM) and their lecturers assoc. prof. Nikolay Raychev (IT Director in a big international company) and Osman Osman (Senior software engineer).

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