On the eve of the brightest Bulgarian holiday, Varna University of Management announces a contest dedicated to knowledge, education and desire to go further to a bright future. “IStay.BG” is a call to young people to learn, to experience, to get to know the near and far, the native and the different, to explore the world, but to stay and develop in Bulgaria.

The aim of the initiative is to give young people the opportunity to show their talent and creativity in front of a professional jury, as well as to win a scholarship to support their education. Applicants should send an essay on “My 2 reasons to study and develop in Bulgaria in 2020!” and a short Living CV (video resume) to email address info@vum.bg.

The submitted materials must meet the following requirements:

  1. Length of the essay – between 500 and 1000 words
  2. Living CV – up to 2 minutes
  3. Language – English
  4. Deadline for participation – June 24, 2020

The competition is open to both Bulgarian citizens and foreigners who have chosen Bulgaria as their second home.

The team of Varna University of Management provides 3 scholarships for the winners, in the amount of 1000, 500 and 250 EUR respectively and appeals to the business community to join the initiative with additional prizes at their discretion. Because “IStay.BG” is not just a competition, it is a mission!

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