Internship programmes for professional high schools

The Vocational Education and Training Center International College is a private organization based in Bulgaria with operational centers in the towns of Varna and Dobrich. We are active in the fields of Tourism, Hospitality, Culinary Arts, Accounting, IT and Agriculture with many partner organizations in Bulgaria.

We offer programs and internships suitable for students from professional high schools in Europe. As a host organization with the Erasmus+ program, we offer primary assistance and support before and during students’ training. In today’s fast-changing labor market, young generations need to acquire new skills constantly in order to have competitive advantages. Our center aims to prepare young people for their future careers by giving them the opportunity to develop their efficiency in a real work environment.

For our future trainees, we offer all the support to meet their needs. We provide some of the best work positions for internship, mainly in the fields of Tourism, Hospitality, Culinary Arts, Accounting, IT and Agriculture.

Our centers are located in two of the most peaceful and safe towns in the country, on a very communicative place in the very centers of the cities. One of the most important advantages of the untroubled life in Bulgaria are cheap goods and services, which offer the same quality as those in Europe. Thanks to the mild climate and the four seasons, everyone quickly gets used to moderate temperatures in the winter and mid-high temperatures in the summer.

Let us not forget one of the biggest advantages, namely the fact that Varna is situated on the Black Sea coast and has a long and wide beach stripped with fine, clean sand. And Dobrich is only 40 km away from another remarkable beach awarded with the blue flag once again in 2017, the beach in Albena resort. Last but not least the towns of Varna and Dobrich are located very close to the Bulgarian – Romanian border, which gives a chance to every intern to visit famous Romanian sites and landmarks and bring added value to their overall experience in Bulgaria.

Our main goal is to provide not only good position for internship but also make every participant feel at home and have a chance to experience the laid back way of life in Bulgaria combined with multicultural exchange and gaining new professional skills.

The VET Center has experience in organization of internship programs for students from Bulgaria and abroad, as well as for vocational high school students from EU countries, interested to be interns in Bulgaria. Dozens of Bulgarian students have had the opportunity to take advantage of internships in Europe – for example Germany, as well as internship programmes in Cyprus. The VET Center hosts internship programmes for European students too.

The last organized internship was for a group of students from Regional Vocational School Golf Hotel, France. The French school chose the VET Center International College for the combination of opportunities for internship in a restaurant, kitchen and bar all in the same campus. Last but not least for the opportunity for accommodation in the Varna University of Management dormitories, where the young people had the possibility to live along with students from 50 different nationalities, to learn about diverse cultures and customs, to practice their English language skills. The young people did an internship in a restaurant that provides service to guests from the city Municipality, managers of banks and big offices in the central part of the city of Dobrich. They had the opportunity to be a part of the organization of different events, such as weddings and big company events. One of the most interesting parts of their training was to cook with chefs (instructors in Varna University of Management and International College) who have had experience in 3 Michelin star restaurants.

Killian Sebbane (Professional High School Lycee Golf Hotel): Here it is, I’ve just been living the most beautiful experience in my life, it’s sure and some people don’t live this kind of thing once in a lifetime, but I know one day I will go back to this country, this Countries with such generous and caring people. This trip opened my eyes to things that I kept my eyes closed. He changed me at the cultural level, but especially at the human level, because during this trip I discovered some aspects of myself that I didn’t even know existed. I see the world in a way that I’ve never seen before. During this stay, I met people with a huge heart and an incredible kindness. These people are going to leave a huge imprint on my existence and my personality. These are our bulgarian friends, those people who initially were strangers to me became more than just friends. Some more than others even if I can’t make a choice between them, some have been really like members of my family, and for everything you’ve done for us, for me, I can’t thank you enough. There were ups and downs, nothing is perfect, but it’s those moments that grow in our head. And finally I would like to thank the people who accompanied me, that is to say my comrades and especially our teachers who have spent entire evenings working on this project, and they have never done so much to the contrary.
Thank you all for writing this page of my story and as I don’t like “goodbye “, I say “to the next my friends”!
Blagodarya !!