Международен семинар GAME IT

In the period August 29 – September 1, 2022. , an international seminar is being held in Dobrich with participants from 4 countries – Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and Slovenia. The leading topic of the forum is the participation in international mobilities for the purpose of training and internship of persons from vulnerable groups, incl. minorities and migrants, people from remote and rural areas and people with low to moderate special educational needs.

The international event is organized within the framework of the GAME IT project “Interactive gamified training for the preparation of students in a disadvantaged position for participation in international mobility in the field of tourism and hospitality”, which is implemented with the financial support of the Erasmus+ program with the leading partner “Dobrudja Agrarian and Business School’. The main task of the seminar is to present to an audience of experts and trainers a newly developed innovative course designed for trainees from the vocational training and education system, which aims to adequately prepare them for inclusion in mobility.

The focus of the first day was on the needs of the relevant vulnerable groups and their reflection in the developed curriculum of the preparatory course. A detailed overview of the program was also offered, incl. in terms of its structure, horary and content. During the second day, the content of practical-oriented training materials, created specifically for the needs of the course, was examined. Also, the participants of the forum were given a demonstration and practical session on working with the e-learning system, which within the project was adapted and adapted to present the training materials of the course with an appropriate set of game elements – badges, progress box, avatars and others. During yesterday, the third day of training, attention was directed to the compiled toolkit of resources for trainers. In fact, this is the third intellectual product of the project, which, unlike the previous ones, is aimed at trainers, instructors and organizations engaged in sending learners on mobility. Its task is to provide a set of materials to support the effective implementation of the course, including with instructions on using learning content and exploiting the gamified electronic platform.

During today, the last day of the event, there will be visits to various organizations that will share their experience in planning, administering and coordinating such mobilities. Representatives of the target groups will also share their experience of such activities.
In addition to proper training for the practical application of the innovative course, the trainers and experts participating in this workshop contribute to the setting and improvement of the course by sharing their practical experience, actively participating in discussions and providing feedback.
Wider publicity of the intellectual products of the GAME IT project will be given in the coming months, when in a series of consecutive events in each of the partner countries the developed materials will be thoroughly presented to the interested parties.

More about the project and its activities, products and results can be found at www.gameit-project.eu

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