By Ilda Kangoma – MBA student and VUM Admission Coordinator

On the 22nd of March 2023, VUM opened its doors and hosted International Day for all of its students. This event was very special and memorable as it marked the first time after COVID 19 that students were united together to share about their countries culture, traditions, heritage and history. This event took place at VUM’s conference hall and the atmosphere was filled with a lot of love and harmony as both the mobility students and VUM’s full-time students got to witness how diverse VUM is! Students from a total of 13 countries were present namely: Armenia, Albania, Bulgaria, Finland, India, Iran, Italy, Mozambique, The Philippines, Russia, Spain, Tajikistan and Ukraine.

To begin with, the event started off by a brief presentation about the history of Bulgaria presented by VUM’s Student Welfare coordinator Savina Peneva who then showed the audience a traditional Bulgarian dance together with some local students. This was then followed by the Ukrainian students who presented about Ukrainian history. After that, the Erasmus students from France shared about their traditions and music. Subsequently, the Mozambican students shared their traditional dish as well as a brief history of Mozambique. Thereafter, the mobility students from Armenia shared some songs and wowed the audience with their amazing traditional clothing and dances. Additionally, a VUM student who is half Albanian and half Bulgarian shared an interesting video about Albania. Last but not least, the students from Tajikistan blew the minds of all present! They were all clothed with exquisite traditional wear and presented an intriguing and thoughtful presentation about Tajikistan.  Right after the presentation, the students showcased their beautiful traditional dances and invited the audience to participate.

Finally, it was time to munch! The students were all very excited to try the different dishes that were prepared by the wonderful students of VUM! Laughter filled the air as all attendees were overjoyed and surprised by how well the students can cook (even those who do not study in the culinary programmes)! Moreover, as the students from Tajikistan were celebrating their new year, the room was filled with a lot of joy as students showcased their moves.

Overall, this was an unforgettable experience! This event alone testifies the importance of diversity and inclusivity. Regardless of the colour of one’s skin, culture and religion, we are all one and united we shall persevere!

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