International Business Schools in Eastern Europe

If you want to study in an International Business School abroad, it can be hard to choose the right university or study destination. There are so many good institutions worldwide.

In recent years an increasing number of international students are choosing Eastern Europe for a place to live and study. Universities in the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria are getting more and more popular.

Read on to discover why an International Business School in Eastern Europe may be a great choice.

Prestigious Universities

The Eastern European universities may not be as internationally recognized as others schools for business, but the region is a home to some highly reputable business schools. A great example for such school is the School of Business and Marketing, part of Varna University of Management.

According to the prestigious EDUNIVERSAL ranking system, the MBA program of the University is on the 7th place in Eastern Europe for the Best Master’s Degree and on the 9th place in the Best Masters Ranking for General Management – Eastern Europe. The University won three Palmes of Excellence for being a top business university with increasing international influence.

Varna University of Management is a top performer according to U-Multirank – another prestigious ranking system of the universities worldwide. The top-performing criteria for the University are International orientation, foreign language programs, graduating on time, quality of courses and teaching, student internships in the region, opportunity to study abroad, mobility of students, research publications.

The University issues a double diploma together with its UK partner – Cardiff Metropolitan University.

You Can Study in English

Understanding a foreign language is easily achievable, but learning to the extend to study business requires significant efforts. Fortunately, you will be able to study in English in many of the Eastern European Business Schools.

All the courses in Varna University of Management are taught in English. All future students have to demonstrate English language skills in order to be accepted in the University. This will guarantee that you will be able to communicate with all of your colleagues during your education.

Students here are from about 50 countries and each of them has been accepted through an English Language Certificate.

It is Affordable

Another reason for studying in Eastern Europe are the low tuition fees and the affordability of living.

The tuition fee for the Bachelor’s programs in Varna University of Management is 1959 EUR per semester. The Master’s degrees cost 4950 EUR for all the 3 semesters, and the cost of the all 3 semesters of the MBA is 5850 EUR.

The cost of living in Bulgaria is low. The country is attractive destination to many nationalities and is popular with the low cost of living, compared to other European countries.

The rent in the nice and modern dormitories of Varna University of Management is between 80 and 140 EUR per month, depending on the campus. Foreign students in the University have estimated that the food in Varna costs about 120 EUR per month.

In addition to the low costs, students in the University can receive a range of scholarships of up to 1000 EUR per semester.


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