An unforgettable cultural trip around India enjoyed the audience of the Sanskriti cultural festival, which took place at the stage of the Summer Theater in Dobrich.

The initiators of the colorfur spectacle were our guest students from Gujarat Technological University and Gujarat Forensic Science University who presented their native folklore and traditions to the Bulgarian audience with songs, dances and lots of fun.

The festive programme started with a traditional Indian prayer addressed to Lord Ganesha to remove obstacles and bless the event with success. And it was really successful! The performance of the elegant dance Ghoomer, traditional for India’s largest state, Rajasthan, impressed the audience with the beauty of the colorful costumes and the excitement of the exotic rhythms.

The Indian students also presented the traditional for their native state Gujarat folk dance “garba”. “Garba” is performed during the longest dancing carnival in the world, Navratri, where for nine nights the Indians thank Gods for the good harvest. Costumes for garba are extremely colorful, covered with beads, built-in mirror glasses, embroidery and appliqués.

And what is an Indian festival without songs and music! Traditional and modern Bollywood melodies definitely moved the audience. In order to make the festival even more exciting, in the programme were presented also the talents of the Sarandev pop-rock studio in Dobrich, as well as the employees of Varna University of Management performing traditional Bulgarian folk songs and dances.

The Sanskriti Festival was held within the framework of the international summer program of Varna University of Management. For a month, Indian students are trained in MBA modules for Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management and Enterprise Resource Planning, attend a number of business organizations and large companies in the region and participate in organized excursions and events.

“Here at the Varna University of Management, we do not feel like abroad, but at home, because Bulgarians are extremely kind and help us a lot. That is why we want to thank you – for the training, for the wonderful educational, practical and cultural program, but also for sharing with us your traditions and customs. We hope to have the opportunity to return to Bulgaria one day” shared the Indian students.

The next event we all look forward to is a public demonstration of yoga exercises. It is dedicated to the International Yoga Day and will be held on 21 June at 3 p.m. in the lobby of the VUM Dobrich Campus.

Img source: ProNews Dobrich

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