Do hotel chains improve destination’s competitiveness?


Do hotel chains improve destination’s competitiveness?

19.05.2016 Prof. Stanislav Ivanov, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs at VUM, and Dr. Maya Ivanova, Assistant Professor in Tourism at VUM, present interesting observations. In a detailed article they investigate the impact of hotel chains’ presence in a destination on their competitiveness. The survey covered 116 countries.

The results reveal that a destination’s competitiveness is positively and significantly influenced by the number of affiliated hotels and rooms in affiliated hotels in the destination. . The market share of hotel chains in a destination’s hotel industry does not influence its competitiveness. The results further indicate that the general business environment (country’s level of corruption and globalisation) has a positive and stronger impact on a destination’s competitiveness than the presence of hotel chains.

You could see the interesting results in the article. Download it for free from here: http://authors.elsevier.com/a/1T2r97sySzfl5x

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