The graduates of Class 2019 of Varna University of Management (VUM) were awarded their degrees on a Graduation ceremony that took place on 12th November 2019. Along with the Bulgarian educational and qualification degrees the students who have successfully completed their studies at VUM were awarded also British Bachelor or Master degree from the strategic academic partner of the university in the United Kingdom: Cardiff Metropolitan University.

The graduates received their degrees from the Rector of Varna University of Management Assoc. prof. Todor Radev, PhD and the Link tutor for Varna University of Management at Cardiff Metropolitan University Mr. Nigel Jones.

„Today you receive a degree from one of the best business universities in Eastern Europe, which has earned international recognition and leading positions in some of the most elite educational rankings. I am confident that the knowledge you have acquired in our university will be an advantage in your future development but will also leave pleasant memories of the friendships, fun and good times.” – said Mr. Radev to the graduates.

“Life is a journey, and all accomplishments we achieve during its course, should be taken as starting points of further achievements.  Your graduation should serve as such, a launching point, projecting you to whatever your futures are meant to take you, whether you take a professional career path, start an enterprise, or continue your education at the next level” – added the representative of VUM’s British academic partner.

The graduates were also congratulated by Mr. Georgi Shterev – Co-chairman of the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association and Mr. Pavlin Kosev – Chairman of Varna Association of Restaurants and Hoteliers, and among the official guests there were representatives of the local authorities and the industry.

Inspirational was the speech also of Mr. Hristo Yanev, alumnus of Varna University of Management, Class 2007. Having worked successfully for the development of various tourism products and brands in Bulgaria, he has been proving for the last 12 years that nothing is impossible in business, when you get a quality education, have the right goal and the perseverance to follow it.

Due to the multiannual efforts and persistence of the academic society Varna University of Management became a distinguishable educational institution for students of about 60 nationalities. Among the 2019 class graduates there are citizens of Afghanistan, Bulgaria, France, Greece, India, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Seychelles, Turkey, Ukraine, Zimbabwe.

Class 2019 marks the 21st class of graduates of Varna University of Management and 10th class of graduates with a second degree by Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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