Join the series of sessions focused on “Governance and Administration of Higher Education, the US Perspective”

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Use this exciting opportunity to debate and share your experience with Dr. Snejana Slantcheva-Durst. The guest lecturer is coming from one of the VUM partner universities in USA – “University of Toledo” and will share with us “Successful Business Models in Education applied in USA”.

The seminar will cover 3 sessions, each of them with 2 different topics focused on the “Governance and Administration of Higher Institution”. Some of the most interesting topics are:

  • Main characteristics of academics – Is a college different than a business (case study in Corning Inc. and Virginia Tech.)?
  • Organizations as structures.
  • The senior leadership: Governing boards and presidents, etc.

Make sure to save the date on 08 and 09 September.2016 for our complimentary seminar. Presence is highly recommendable!

The seminar starts on both dates at 10 a.m. in the Conference Hall of VUM, Varna.

Book your seat now!

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