Exam Board and Staff Development Meeting June 2018

Annual Examination Board and Staff Development Meeting took place at Varna University of Management this week.The Examinations Board plays a key role within the University. It is responsible for ensuring the quality of interim and end-of-term examinations. The Examinations Board is also required to assess independently and expertly whether each student meets the programme requirements for obtaining a degree. The Examinations Board thus plays a crucial role in monitoring the quality of the certification process.

Some of the exam board`s core activities include:

  • Making sure students meet the graduation requirements of their diploma.
  • Making sure the quality of assessment in course is good and that it corresponds with what is described in the course outline and the academic rules and regulations.
  • Settling cases that are brought by students concerning for example assessment in a course, grade conversions and credits for non-VUM courses.
  • Settling cases brought by instructors including about academic misbehavior of a student such as plagiarism.  

Part of the board except the members of Cardiff Metropolitan University were External Examiners:

- Dr Vasos Pavlika, Oxford University (BSc SE)
- Sunrita Dhar-Bhattacharjee, Anglia Ruskin University (MBA)
- Dr Stuart Metcalfe, University of South Wales (BA IBM, BA BMS)
- Gary Elliott, Ulster University (BA IHM, MSc IHTM)