In the winter, a competition was announced by Varna University of Management for an essay on the topic “Should we fear artificial intelligence?”

After a careful evaluation from the Academics at Varna University of Management – Prof. Stanislav Ivanov and Ms. Neda Dimitrova, eleven essays, out of more than 60 sent, were chosen to participate for the top three.

All of them were carefully evaluated in a variety of criteria – content and originality, organisation of the text, accuracy and range of language, grammar and mechanics, use of appropriate style. Additionally, the essays were checked for plagiarism practices with the help of a specialized software.

Unfortunately, after this, one of the participants in the initial top three turned out to score a high percentage on the plagiarism scale and therefore only 10 participants continued in the competition.

According to the rules of the competition, the participants in the top three will be awarded scholarships from 500 Euro to 1000 Euro, if enrolled in one of VUM’s undergraduate programs.

In the end, the top three essays turned out to be those of:

1st place: Martin Sestrimski Essay – 1000 Euro Scholarship

2nd place: Petar Kalinov Essay – 750 Euro Scholarship

3rd place: Konstantin Kostadinov Essay – 500 Euro Scholarship

As we promised we publish the essays of the participants in TOP 7:

4th place: Emil Kovachev Essay

5th place: Emanuil Nikolov Essay 

6th place: Veselin Paunov Essay

7th place: Atanas Dimov Essay 

Congratulations to the winners! We look forward to meeting them in person and welcoming them as students in Varna University of Management.

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