The ‘Delight in Diversity’ Intercultural Festival, organized by the Erasmus students from India, Vietnam, and Bangladesh in collaboration with Varna University of Management (VUM), will take place on July 19th, Wednesday, at Dobrich Summer Theatre from 7:00 to 8:30 PM. This festival is the culmination of a three-week boot camp conducted as part of the Erasmus+ Harmony Project.

This free event is open for everyone to experience the captivating performances of traditional dances and music from India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of these countries. The festival also features art and craft stalls that highlight the cultural significance of these diverse cultures.

Engaging games and activities will entertain visitors of all ages while fostering intercultural awareness and promoting connections with the local Bulgarian community. The festival aims to make Bulgarian people aware of different cultures and encourage openness to Asian cultures.

Join us at the ‘Delight in Diversity’ Intercultural Festival for an evening of celebration, where we come together to embrace diversity and promote intercultural understanding.

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