VUM is a top choice for getting MBA degree in Europe. The institution is one of the very few places in Bulgaria where you can study international business in truly international environment. The courses are taught entirely in English. Classes are small and encourage cross-cultural dialogue and personal connections. As a top business school in Bulgaria, VUM gained the trust of Cardiff Met and is now one of its strategic partners. Thanks to this partnership students can obtain a British degree without the usual requirement to spend a year in the UK. Furthermore, our MBA Programme is ranked #9 in Eduniversal for BEST MASTERS DEGREE in Eastern Europe.

There are many benefits of getting your MBA and the most significant one is the great career opportunities in today’s corporate world.

“According to a 2013 survey by the Graduate Management Admission Council, Ninety-two percent (92%) of class of 2012 alumni were employed at graduation—the highest employment rate reported in this survey for any graduating class since 2003. Nearly 7 in 10 had secured a job before leaving graduate business school. Оverall, 85 percent of alumni attribute the advancement in their careers to their graduate business education. (…) Not only do MBA graduates have better employment options, they also earn more money than people who haven’t been awarded the degree.”


As an MBA graduate, you can add not only banking, financial management, accounting, and economics to your long list of possible career option but you can use this as a start point for higher-level positions in other fields as well. An MBA can open doors for management positions in any field. Some of the top MBA careers include positions in public relations, advertising, sales, marketing, and event management.

VUM prepares its master’s students for the highly competitive labor market and provides them practical advice and expertise. VUM maintains excellent connections with the businesses field and place its students in different agencies, governmental institutions, NGO and other organisations in the UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, etc.


Bulgarian Master of Business Administration Degree from Varna University of Management and British Master of Business Administration Degree from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK


VUM campuses in Varna and Sofia. All accepted students are going to be enrolled as full-time students. Classes are scheduled on Thursday and Friday evenings (from 18:00 – 21:00h) and on Saturdays (09:00-16:00h), which allows them to carry out their professional duties while studying.


STARTING DATE: Classes of each new academic year starts in the beginning of October


3 semesters within the period of one calendar year to graduate with a British degree.
4 semesters within the period of one calendar year and four months, for students who had obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in a different field of science.


Course contents of the following core modules:

  1. People & Organisations
  2. Accounting for Decision Makers
  3. Operations Management
  4. Management of Finance
  5. Marketing
  6. Buyer Behaviour and Relationship Marketing
  7. Strategic Management
  8. Dissertation – is an intellectually challenging piece of individual management research, that develop students’ ability to make critical and evaluative judgments.


The programme gives you the opportunity to select a specialisation in a special field. To complete the MBA with a specialisation, students must get into a group of 10 persons and complete two specialised modules and to defend a dissertation in the specialised area. If a group has not been gathered, then students will study and graduate with General MBA diploma. As a modern school educating according to the most recent academic supply and business demand needs, we have managed to “master the mix” of MBA education. VUM has recently introduced to its MBA students the unique opportunity to choose a pathway and guarantee a flying start of their career within the sectors with highest demand of MBA graduates – finance, health, marketing, production and HR.
The specialist pathways, with their compulsory modules that VUM offers are:

MBA Project Management
MBA Product Development Management
MBA Health Sector Management
MBA Marketing 
MBA International Finance
MBA Human Resources

The elective modules to the specialist pathways are:

  1. Project Management Theory and Practice
  2. Project Management Case Studies
  3. Finance for International Business
  4. Capital Markets and Derivatives
  5. Managing People in a Global Context
  6. Leadership and Developing People
  7. Product Development Management
  8. Managing the Product Development Process
  9. Buyer behaviour and Relationships in a Global Context
  10. Strategic Global Marketing
  11. Health Cognitive Informatics
  12. Health Sector Project Management



The lecturers team is consisted of VUM lecturers approved by the British academic partner Cardiff Metropolitan University (Cardiff Met), along with guest speakers from the UK. The contents of all examinations passed through the prior approval of the Quality Committee of Cardiff Met. VUM students receive their user names and passwords in order to access the free educational materials in the beginning of each academic year. The online information access connects them with enlarge basis of global electronic database containing the necessary books, materials and research articles. All teaching methods and resources are entirely tired with the academic partner of VUM – Cardiff Mett.

The MBA programme enhances the essential managerial skills and capabilities. MBA graduates are in very high demand and the MBA diploma exemplifies professionalism and competitive advantage that are respected from all multinational companies worldwide.

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In order to start your application process, please send us the following documents:

  1. A completed application form
  2. A copy of your Bachelor degree diploma
  3. A copy of your IELTS certificate of proficiency in English or arranging a date for an entrance English exam at VUM

Here you can find a detailed list of all necessary documents.
Collect all documents, scan them and send them via e-mail on: admissions@vum.bg

After having a look at your application, we get in touch with you to inform you about our feedback.

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