Our degree in International Trade & Finance is a specialized course of study of the international dimensions of Economics. One of the most cited intellectual giants of economics defined economics as “…a study of man in the ordinary business of life…”.

Upon graduating this degree at VUM you have the full potential of launching a career in Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Non-Financial Corporations, Government Agencies, Educational Institutions, Trade/Labor Organizations.


There is a broad range of career opportunities in international banking, financial management, business development and trade. Graduates can choose a career path that aligns with their area of interest, such as management or sales. Students may consider becoming management analysts, sales manager, etc.
All students in this programme have two obligatory internships during their education. These internships last minimum 2 months, maximum 3-4 months and take place in a small or large financial agencies, banks, accounting agencies, etc.


  1. Bulgarian Professional/Academic Bachelor Degree in “International Trade and Finance”, issued by Varna University of Management
  2. Coming soon possibility for British Bachelor Degree in “International Trade and Finance”, issued by Cardiff Metropolitan University


LOCATION: VUM campus in Sofia.
TYPE OF STUDY: All accepted students are going to be enrolled as full-time students. Classes for Sofia campus are scheduled on evening times during the week (from 18:00 – 21:00h) and on Saturdays (09:00-16:00h), which allows them to carry out their professional duties while studying.


STARTING DATE: Classes of each new academic year starts in the beginning of October, second semester intake is in February


4 years (8 semesters) for full time students who would like to obtain Bulgarian Academic Bachelor Degree, issued by Varna University of Management.


The programme is within the academic field of “Economics”.
The core modules of the programme are:

  • Economics and business environment
  • Marketing and business communications
  • Research methods
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Law Basics
  • Financial accounting
  • Trade Law
  • Quantity methods in finance
  • Corporate finance
  • Analysis and evaluation for investment projects
  • Financial bookkeeping
  • International trade
  • Personal Finance
  • International financial management
  • Behavioural finance
  • International accounting
  • Entrepreneurship

Apart from the above core modules of study students should also choose two elective modules from the list below:

  • Business economics
  • Organizational behaviour
  • Business operations
  • Financial fraud prevention
  • International trade politics
  • Financial markets
  • Public Finance management
  • Tax politics
  • European economic development and integration


The lecturers team is consisted of academics and practitioners with great professional experience. VUM students receive their user names and passwords in order to access the free educational materials in the beginning of each academic year. The online information access connects them with enlarge basis of global electronic database containing the necessary books, materials and research articles. All teaching methods and resources are entirely tired with the academic partner of VUM – Cardiff Mett.

Apply now:

In order to start your application process, please send us the following documents:

  1. A completed application form
  2. A copy of your High degree diploma

Find here, a detailed list of all the necessary documents.

Collect all documents, scan them and send them via e-mail on office@iuc.bg for studying in Sofia campus.

After having a look at your application, we will get in touch with you to inform you about our feedback.