VUM’s International Business and Management Programme is designed to develop strategic thinkers with vision and unique approach on international business. The program builds leaders capable of discussing cultural, ethical and social issues for international business and suggesting policies of corporate social responsibility.

This program develops your ability to assess international investment, intercultural organizations and their integration into local contexts on one hand and into the global financial system, on the other. Upon completion of this programme you will have your own point of view on and insights into businesses strategic organisational behaviour, information systems and human resources management. You will be able to differentiate business management within global, regional and domestic context.


Once you graduate, you are qualified to occupy positions in the field of strategic management and marketing, international business planning, HR, brand management, sales, finance and in many other realms of global business. You will be placed for a compulsory internship after the first and the second year of their education in companies not only in Bulgaria but in United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Greece, Malta, Lithuania, Latvia etc.


  1. Bulgarian Professional/Academic Bachelor Degree in “International Business and Management”, issued by Varna University of Management and British Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA(Hons)) in “International Business Management”, issued by Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. Note: you study all three years at VUM Bulgaria.
  2. If a student prior to their third year of studies chooses to relocate to Business and Hotel Management School, Switzerland they can receive upon graduation a Bulgarian Bachelor Degree in “International Business and Management” from VUM and a Swiss Diploma in “Global management” diploma from Business and Hotel Management School, Switzerland.

VUM students are subject to special terms and rates at VUM’s partner universities.

*available for full time students only


LOCATION: VUM campuses in Varna, Sofia and Dobrich.
TYPE OF STUDY: All accepted students are going to be enrolled as full-time students. Classes for Varna campus are scheduled on evening times during the week (from 18:00 – 21:00h) and on Saturdays (09:00-16:00h), which allows them to carry out their professional duties while studying.


STARTING DATE: Classes of each new academic year starts in the beginning of October, second semester intake is in February


3 years (6 semesters) for full time students who would like to graduate with Bulgarian Professional Bachelor Degree “International Business and Management”, issued by Varna University of Management and British Bachelor Degree “International Business Management”, issued by Cardiff Metropolitan.

4 years (8 semesters) for full time students who would like to obtain Bulgarian Academic Bachelor Degree, issued by Varna University of Management and British Bachelor Degree “International Business Management”, issued by Cardiff Metropolitan.


The “International Business and Management” programme is accredited by the Bulgarian National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency in the academic field of “Administration and Management”.

Some of the core modules of the programme are:

      • Economics
      • Marketing and business environment
      • Foreign Languages: (English as a main one and second foreign language)
      • Research and Statistics
      • Accounting
      • Finance
      • Management
      • Organisational Behaviour
      • Marketing Research
      • Business Planning (upon selection)
      • Social Entrepreneurship (upon selection)
      • International Business Management
      • International and Global Marketing (upon selection)
      • Investment Management (upon selection)

*Optional modules are subject to sufficient demand and availability

You can find the detailed study programme here:



The lecturers team is consisted of VUM lecturers approved by the British academic partner Cardiff Metropolitan University (Cardiff Met), along with guest speakers from the UK. The contents of all examinations passed through the prior approval of the Quality Committee of Cardiff Met. VUM students receive their user names and passwords in order to access the free educational materials in the beginning of each academic year. The online information access connects them with enlarge basis of global electronic database containing the necessary books, materials and research articles. All teaching methods and resources are entirely tired with the academic partner of VUM – Cardiff Mett.

Apply now:

In order to start your application process, please send us the following documents:

        1. A completed application form
        2. A copy of your High degree diploma
        3. A copy of your English Language Certificate (if available) or arranging a date for an entrance English exam at VUM

Find here, a detailed list of all the necessary documents.

Collect all documents, scan them and send them via e-mail on: for studying in Varna or Dobrich campus.

After having a look at your application, we get in touch with you to inform you about our feedback.