Culinary Schools in Europe

The best training for a culinary student is undoubtedly the first-hand exposure to a number of native cuisines. The world’s most famous chefs have studied and worked at many different points around the globe.

The food culture is now globalized as a result of the culinary cross-pollination. The multicultural chefs constantly exchange know-how and ideas. You are a really good chef only when you have mastered a big variety of cultural approaches to food.

A great kick-starter for an amazing career in the culinary will be an education in one of the world-class international culinary schools across the globe.

There are many opportunities to study at an international culinary school under the tutelage of international food professionals. When you are thinking of studying in an international culinary school, Europe is the most obvious choice. The main reasons for this are of course the rich culinary traditions of the countries from the Old Continent, which have evolved for thousands of years. France or Italy may be the first countries which pop up in your mind when it comes to study culinary in Europe, but there are many other destinations that warrant a second look.

The most popular international cooking schools are found in dynamic and progressive cities around the world. They are located not only in Europe’s biggest countries and megacities but also in smaller countries and settlements.

A great example of a world-class culinary school from a small country is the Culinary Arts Institute, part of Varna University of Management. The school is located in Varna, Bulgaria. Here you can receive a high-class education in motivating, multicultural environment at a reasonable cost.

The University provides Bachelor’s degrees in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts and in Hospitality and Culinary Arts. The duration of the study program is between 6 and 8 semesters. The tuition fee is 1950 EUR per semester.

The school doesn’t offer just basic kitchen skills. Here you will have access to international and regional cuisine, acclaimed chefs and famous restaurants. You will finish this school as a real culinary professional.

Classes are fully taught in English by top culinary professionals with different work and cultural background. The students receive the amazing opportunity to take an internship in restaurants in different parts of the world. There is an opportunity to complete an internship in a Michelin star restaurant, which is an amazing experience and a great career advantage for a young professional. With this internship in your CV, you will definitely be one step ahead from your peers.

There are a big number of career opportunities for the students of Culinary Arts Institute at Varna University of Management. The possible career paths for the chefs are Executive Chef, Sous Chef, Chef Pastry, and Chef De Partie. Here you can obtain know-how also for a management position in the sector and become a Restaurant Manager, General Manager, Food & Beverage Director, Food & Beverage Operations Assistant Food & Beverage Manager. Other intriguing options are Food & Beverage Business Consultant or Food or Wine Entrepreneur.


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