The third edition of the “Food Innovation Exhibition” was held at Varna University of Management today. Unique culinary products and developments were presented by the students in the “Gastronomy and Culinary Arts” and “Hospitality and Culinary Arts” Programmes. As a part of their “Innovations and Creativity in the Culinary Arts” module, the Culinary Arts Institute’s students had the task to invent and present an innovative and creative culinary recipe that have never been used before.

Some of the young Chefs have focused on the visual experience associated with their product, while others emphasize on taste qualities or non-standard texture, trying interesting, even eccentric, combinations of foods and products, or using traditional elements from their national cuisine. During the final part of the exam, the young chefs organized their own stands to demonstrate their innovative culinary products in front of the evaluation board – Chef Hugues Boutin, Assoc. Prof. Maya Ivanova and Assist. Prof. Irina Petkova.

The talented students presented creative culinary temptations such as modern reading of Bulgarian “Lokum” with boza flavor, chocolate with savory, healthy Mexican ice cream (paletas) of traditional seasonal fruits, gluten-free carrot cake, clarified butter infused with saffron, flaky salt with black garlic, fresh jelly tea, banana peel smoothies and many more interesting and innovative proposals.

In addition to presenting their creative products, the young chefs had to analyze the process of idea origin, pricing, marketing and operational implementation. It is an interesting fact that although the exhibition has been held for only three years, there are already products of students of the Culinary Arts Institute, which are realized both on the Bulgarian market and abroad.

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